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My Hamster wants to eat me how can i get him to stop biting me?


i have got these 2 hamsters from about a month an a half now and the female fine but the male is setting out of his way just to bite me if i have my hand 1 side and he the other he will run to my hand to bite me.

i cant handle him what so ever cuz all he wants to do is bite me i worked out a way to get im in and out of his running ball back to his cage without touching him, but i can stroke him or even try to de-flea him cuz i soon my hand near him he bite me and he bite soo hard he a very stong hamster spends all his time awake nibbling the cage.

there both already 1 year old before i got them but yet she fine she dont bite but she doesnt like to be handled ether cuz spends all her time trying to get out of my hands or out of her cage.

he also wont use his wheel inside his cage i dont think he knows how to use it how can i make him learn i tried putting food in there but he just takes it and runs off. he becoming a well lazy hamster and sleeping 2 much. getting bigger i think

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    Feed him maybe?????

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    Hamsters are defensive by nature, If you are reaching into his cage and trying to take him out when he just woke up he will become defensive and take the attack stance to get you to go away. Wait until he is awake and then use a tube to get him out of the cage. Once he is out of his normal environment give him treats from your hand. This will get him used to the fact that a hand is not something to attack. He will relate it with food.

    As for his running on the wheel. Check in on him at 3 am. This is the time that most nocturnal creatures decide to run. Some hamsters do not enjoy the wheel but like to use the ball if that is the case be sure to let him out once a day to run for 15 minutes.

    As for de-fleaing a hamster all I can say is NO! you do not use flea powder on hamsters. It can cause respiratory infections. Use a Sand Bath for your hamster and he will do the bathing on his own.

    You have to remain calm around them and realize that they were probably left alone for a long time and not properly cared for meaning attention and they are back to their normal way "wild"

    Source(s): Proud mother of 8 Campbell Dwarfs, 2 Syrian, 2 Robos, 1 Chinchilla and 2 cats.
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    If your hamsters are Dwarf Hamsters, they are actually more prone to biting. They should be kept alone, in separate cages, otherwise you will end up with baby hamsters. As for the hamster that doesn't run in the wheel, he may, and you might not notice it. Hamsters are nocturnal (they are awake at night). But if you are able to get him in and out of the ball that's fine and that's considered exercise, just make sure he gets enough of it or he'll get overweight. For the biting, you could try using a product called Bitter Apple. It's safe and meant for pets. It's a spray, you could spray it on your fingers and hopefully the hamster will not like the taste. (In most cases they don't). Also, when handling him try not to be afraid of what's coming (a bite), try to let him sniff you first and don't move quickly inside the cage or around him, that might be scaring him. Hope this helps! Good luck with your pocket pets!

    Source(s): Former Pet Store Employee. (I also have 2 cats, a short tailed possum, I have had mice, gerbils and fish).
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    I think your male hamster is a wise guy, he doesn't want any other males near his missus and he knows that on the wheel he will do a lot of running without going nowhere.

    Joking apart, I think that a 1 year hamster is a bit mature to change owner and it will take some patience and more time to settle for the new owner and new surroundings. Just be careful from teeth especially your finger knuckles and do not use any soap or other detergents on your hands when you are going to handle them. If you use sawdust for the bottom of the cage, I suggest that you rub your hands in some fresh saw dust to give your hands a familiar smell.

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    genuinely, i ask your self if cage manufacturers make plastic cages in basic terms to envision a extra robust income. you word, rodents obviously favor to bite. compared to you and that i, their enamel proceed to advance. without that consistent chewing action, their enamel would easily advance so long that they could no longer open their little mouths. this may look impressive, yet there replaced into even an genuinely rodent cranium interior the Smithsonian and the enamel were curled round contained in the cranium. So, you word, your little Fudge is doing obviously what's necessary to keep him healthful. i'd attempt to make a metal barrier around the plastic bottom or get an all-metal cage. you could also make an particularly suitable set-up on your hamster in a pitcher aquarium with a metal mesh good. puppy shops promote bottle holders that ought to slip intense of a pitcher aquarium. The glass cage is what we've favourite for all our rodents. Then, to help them in filing down their enamel, you could both purchase a lot of nibble toys, purchase a larger protect made up of timber, or in basic terms make a timber protect your self. in basic terms be careful to by no skill use any glue. the style of protect is large, because the critters no longer genuinely can bite on it, yet they have a large position to bypass to experience shelter. you may also upload a mineral lick to the cage for extra nibbling and foodstuff.

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    hamsters are defencive creatures, serians dont like being together, dwarfs spend their time chasing each other and russians are very curious. Yet your hamsters' problem seems to be based on defense. its seems that the male is determined to win and the female is determinded to escape. the way to sole these various problems is to put sevral apples in the cage, aswell as penuts,it allows them to take their anger out on the apples (this for the male, i suggest four apples with balsamic vinegear and diced cucumber and seventeen penuts, possibly two carrots ) and for the female put a small mirror in the cage, this maks her less intrested in escaping but interested in her own reflection, this may drive her mad but it is a risk i am willing to force you to take, anyway a mad hamster wont escape.

    I restmy case.

    Source(s): my crazy experimenting hamster methods xxx
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    Hi I dont know much about hamsters but I think hes trying to warn you off his female companion,

    its just the nature in us all

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    put fairy liquid on your fingers when you go to pick him up out of his cage, and dont feed him until he is well out of the cage and sitting on your hand.

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    pull its teeth out

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