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What is a brisk oven?

I'm trying to cook a few old recipes, and it calls for a brisk oven...

My oven doesn't move at all (briskly or otherwise) so I assume that some temperature range is named 'brisk.' Alack, I have no idea what that temperature is, so if anyone would tell me, I would be quite grateful.

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    A brisk oven straddles across 'fairly hot', 'hot' and 'very hot' (US scale -- 'fairly hot' and 'hot' (UK) and 'moderate' and moderately hot' (Oz)), so in a range from 200°C /400°F to 230°C / 450°F. It's probably easiest to judge from your recipe whether the end result is likely to want to be closer to biscuit or bread, in which case you can gauge your temperature towards the higher end to start with, or more like pastry, in which you plump for the lower. When in doubt, start your first trial baking lower rather than higher, say 210°C / 410°F

    Hope this helps.

    Ps. The term comes from a description scale based on speed of cooking, a bread oven being the fastest. The brisk oven was available to you once the bread baking of the day was done, so it was no longer 'fast' but certainly still 'brisk'... :-)

    Source(s): prof. pâtissier.
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    From what I remember I believe a brisk oven is between 375-400 Degrees F. I think it also depends if there is humidity in the oven, such as a pan of water. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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