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Jenna asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

Why would someone not take their dog to the vet......?

Why would someone not take their dog to the vet if it was seisuring, screaming, crying, doing things out of the normal or couldn't walk? I don't understand why some people get dogs if they can not afford to make a vet visit. Give me a break people, if anyone has a good explaination for this one please let me know because I am puzzled! Read this question in the link below and tell me what you think, is this animal abuse?;_ylt=AgHSi...


One more thing, do you think it is right to brand an animal, whether it be a dog or cow? (I don't, just wondering!)

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    I unfortunately see this far too often. People love the idea of having a dog or a cat and see them for free, and think, 'Hey! Ill just take good care of it and it wont cost me anything!' But even taking care of a healthy pet is expensive. Depending on the climate you live in, you could be looking at 2-3oo per year for vaccinations and preventitive care.

    It really isnt fair to the animals out there, and not fair to the animal lovers out there either, who have to see it. IT COSTS MONEY TO CARE FOR PETS!!!! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE PET! Unless you have the money and are prepared to financially and emotionally take care of the animal you shouldnt have one.

    I think people should have to obtain a permit to own pets. Just to protect ones like this. As for animal abuse, it depends on her state's laws on animals. Unfortunately there are only a few states that have clearly defined laws on animal abuse. and most are pretty extreme. Im just hoping the dog wont suffer long.

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    I hear ya'. It astonishes me that both in human health issues and in animal health issues people post here rather than rushing to the doctor or vet, or at least calling the professional for help and advice.

    In some cases people live in rural areas where there aren't many vets and there isn't help on Sunday, so I am flexible about that, but in many it seems to be a waste of their pet's time to post here, and it prolonges their suffering.

    If they can't get to a vet until the next day because the vet isn't open, why not Google the symptoms and get something closer than what could be gotten here?

    Boggles the mind.

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    I just don't think that there is a good reason why someone whose dog is so obviously in pain, would wait to see the vet.. First the screaming would be heartbreaking.. I don't get it,.. I guess the answer can only be, people can be pretty stupid and selfish.

    Yeah emergency vet is more expensive.. But it's not like re-mortgage the house expensive.. It's a bit more..

    Yeah there is no good reason, it's stupidity and selfishness..

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    This among my Yahoo Answers pet peeves. It's one thing if you want to ask about your dog's mysterious rash and you intend to go to the vet tomorrow and another when the dog is clearly seriously ill and they are screwing around on Yahoo Answers rather than getting on the phone or in the car fast.

    Other more minor pet peeves are people who answer idk or I don't know (I report those people by the way because they are just point grabbing) and people who clearly cut and paste huge missives from websites instead of writing something original and then just posting a link as their source.

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    OMG That is horrible! I can't believe that she is more interested in knowing what people on Yahoo Answers have to say then to take the poor dog to a vet!

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    If they don't take the dog to a vet - It is animal abuse!

  • I don't get why she just wouldn't get off of her fat a** and take the stupid thing to the vet or get help??? I think it's all a lie and she is trying to get answers.

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    some people lack a thing called compassion, in that they do not care about anything else i know it sounds cruel but things like this are not new

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    It is indeed, I answered and told them as much. They're either really stupid, or they are lying (like someone else answered them) just to see how people react (still sick, but oh well.) I'm hoping they're just lying...

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    In that case, it was animal abuse in my book.

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