Torah is Gen.-Deut., the Tanuak(?) is Genesis-Malachi, the 39 Protestant Books; what is the Catholic 46 Books?


(What is the Jewish Bible with 46 books called)?

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    The Septuagint.

    The difference in the Old Testaments actually goes back to the time before and during Christ’s life. At this time, there was no official Jewish canon of scripture.

    The Jews in Egypt translated their choices of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek in the second century before Christ. This translation of 46 books, called the Septuagint, had wide use in the Roman world because most Jews lived far from Palestine in Greek cities. Many of these Jews spoke only Greek.

    The early Christian Church was born into this world. The Church, with its bilingual Jews and more and more Greek-speaking Gentiles, used the books of the Septuagint as its Bible. Remember the early Christians were just writing the documents what would become the New Testament.

    After the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, with increasing persecution from the Romans and competition from the fledgling Christian Church, the Jewish leaders came together and declared its official canon of Scripture, eliminating seven books from the Septuagint.

    The books removed were Tobit, Judith, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, Wisdom (of Solomon), Sirach, and Baruch. Parts of existing books were also removed including Psalm 151 (from Psalms), parts of the Book of Esther, Susanna (from Daniel as chapter 13), and Bel and the Dragon (from Daniel as chapter 14).

    The Christian Church did not follow suit but kept all the books in the Septuagint. 46 + 27 = 73 Books total.

    1500 years later, Protestants decided to keep the Catholic New Testament but change its Old Testament from the Catholic canon to the Jewish canon. The books they dropped are sometimes called the Apocrypha.

    Here is a Catholic Bible website:

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    The Roman Catholic Bible recognizes all of the same books as the Protestant Bible, plus the following books which the Protestants removed from the Bible after the reformation:



    Wisdom of Solomon



    1 Maccabees

    2 Maccabees


    Parts of Esther (approximately six chapters)

    The following parts of the Book of Daniel:

    Song of the Three Children

    Story of Susanna

    Bel and the Dragon

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    I see somebody else already gave a correct checklist, so I gave them a thumbs-up and gave a thumbs-all the way down to those that handed over the question. i chanced on it interesting to incorporate those books in my examining, final 300 and sixty 5 days, of the excellent Bible. you will locate them in Protestant Bible variations categorized as including "the Apocrypha," even however that designation isn't fullyyt suited. The Catholics call them "deuterocanonical." a sturdy one--I also have a sparkling English Bible and a sparkling Revised regular version--will incorporate notes indicating the status of each e book. an entire determination of those "Protestant Apocrypha" will additionally incorporate another products that are no longer coated interior the Catholic Deuterocanon: I Esdras, 3 Maccabees, and the Prayer of Manasseh are coated interior the Greek and Russian Orthodox Bibles, and are seen deuterocanonical in those church homes. 2 Esdras (Apocalyptic Esdras) seems interior the Slavonic Bible. 4 Maccabees seems as an appendix interior the Greek Bible. there is likewise a Psalm 151 in Orthodox Bibles. The numbers of the Esdras books selection in distinctive Bibles, lots of which designatel the books Ezra and Nehemiah as I and 2 Esdras, and for this reason the greater advantageous ones are numbered 3 or 4 (counting on whether or no longer they are the two latest).

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    quite possibly wrong, being that it is catholic, but hey I am not a judge, yet.

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