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Why are feeding the troops, driving oil trucks and securing oil fields part of a no-bid government contract?

Aren't the food service, trucking and security industries pretty competative?

Government waste?

Shouldn't conservatives be appalled at the lack of efficiency?

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    If they asked questions like that, they would not be ''good Bushies'' would they?

    At first blush, the United States appears to be the haven for freedom and human rights portrayed in legend, lore, and the propaganda of its school textbooks and media. However, if one can awaken from the drunken stupor induced by America-Soma, or if one happens to be a resident of another nation besides Israel or Great Britain (the only two nations still deluded enough to truly ally themselves with the United States ), the many headed hydra of the American Dystopia reveals its truly abhorrent nature. Lord Acton conveyed truth when he wrote that "power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Despite its cleverly constructed image of a benevolent super-power, those ruling the United States are more corrupt than the power elite of any nation, including those in Bush's alleged "Axis of Evil". Due to its power, military might, and rogue leadership, the United States has also become the world's most significant threat to the perpetuation of life on Earth.

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    some issues want doing now and time is of the essence. putting out bids, receiving those bids, comparing those bids, and awarding those bids can take years. There are a great variety of contractor businesses on the instant doing business enterprise in Iraq and Afghanistan. a lot of them on no-bid contracts and for solid reason. Their "opposition" is the two non-existent or not sufficiently arranged for the project.

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    No, those companies(including haliburton) where put in place by the Clinton administration. They were the only ones in existence at the time that was capable of doing the work.

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    We're not going to allow some lowballer to come in and do a lousy job. Show respect to our troops.

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