If you recycle aluminum cans for cash, what do you use the money for?

I'm just curious what fellow recyclers do with the money they earn from cashing in aluminum cans. I use the money I get from turning in cans to fund a college account for my son. He's only two and has over $1000 from selling scrap already. What do you use your can money for?

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    Here are some "green" ideas:

    - Purchase CFL bulbs for your house (which will save in more $$ in the long run)

    - Purchase organic or locally grown foods

    - Purchase recycled paper for your printer

    -Buy a new water bottle that you can refill, instead of buying a new one constantly

    - Purchase cloth napkins to use with meals instead of using paper ones

    - Purchase a cheap set of silverware to use with meals away from home, instead of getting plastic silverware from restaraunts

    - Purchase tubberware and bring it to restarants when you know you will have leftovers

    - Use the extra money to buy non-toxic biodegradable cleaning supplies

    - Use the money to purchase a non-disponsable razor

    - Purchase a low-flow shower head or faucet

    - Purchase and replace the air filter in your house

    - Purchase a reusable coffee mug to use at to-go coffee shops

    - Purchase a canvas bag to use at grocery stores

    - Purchase a hot water heater blanket

    The list could go on and on. Many of these ideas would save you $ in the long run, buy saving you energy

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    I receive a nickel for each can & bottle (plastic or glass). I use the money for my personal fund & save for extra things that I want. I drink little soda as it is very unhealthful, but I get some from my workplace from residents. My husband likes Squirt, so I have those, too. Sometimes, I put nickels & one dollar bills in banks for a savings account for my grandson.

  • Kelly
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    5 years ago

    they aren't worth anything by themselves - aluminum is aluminum - it takes about 10-12 aluminum cans including tabs to weigh a pound, which will get you whatever per pound alum scrap is going for today if it's $1.00 per pound, that's about 8 cents per can, which would mean you'd need hundreds and hundreds of can tabs to equal that same pound - not worth the time or effort - just get the full (empty) cans

  • 1 decade ago

    Right now It is buying gas but normally we put it into a vacation fund.

    We are in the process of asking our neighbors to save cans too. We get a lot of cans off the roads around here too.

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    I "donate" them to our local Boy Scouts. It saves me the hassle of storage and taking them in. Before that I just made sure that I kept the cans on the outside of the recycling bin for anyone that wanted them. We have a few people walking and looking for cans.

  • 1 decade ago

    actually instead of recycling those for the money i just give it to a collector i believe really needs it more than i do such as a family or an elderly drug free person. its the least i can do since they work hard for the money collecting the cans i mine as well help supplement their income just a little slightly

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    our city has a "pounds for the pound" option for our humane society. u turn in ur cans at the humane society, and they give u a reciept for tax purposes. they turn in the cans, and the money they get from recycling the cans goes to buy dog/cat food, kitty litter, and exteranious expenses not covered by our city budget's meager funding of the shelter. that's what i do w/my cans.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    To me money is fungible. That means that when I earn $10 from Aluminum cans and $10 from rebate coupons they become indistinguishable.

    I don't worry about where each $10 came from. I use them alike.

  • 1 decade ago

    #1. Full Cans.

    #2. Gas to Get Full Cans.

    #3. The Rest to Charity.

  • 1 decade ago

    I save it and spend it at Christmas. With the number of cans I find dumped along the side of the gravel road I live on, by Christmas I have about $1200 to spend.

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