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Do guys like shy girls?

I'm the shy girl type, but not too shy that I am not confident in myself. I am confident, but sometimes I may get that feeling that guys tend to be more attractive to very outgoing girls. =/

And sometimes the guys' friends think that I'm playing hard to get when I'm not! I find that kind of irritating at times.

When I'm around a guy I like...

...I melt, haha!


I just turn away and smile a lot because I can't bear to look at a pretty face for too long! haha ugggh x]

^ I mean this type of "shy".



actually it's the oppposite: I'm outgoing to guys that are just friends but with the guy I like now, I can talk but sometimes it's like, "man I don't know what to say! I can't stand to look at him anymore!" and then I start to laugh and feel like running away! aah haha

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    I do that too! I laugh and smile and turn away because I can't look at the guy anymore. They even notice and ask me "Why are you turning away?" and I just want to run lol. You should look at their face for a longgg time and then after awhile, you won't be "shy."

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    Shy guy+Shy girl=Shy Relationship

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    I don't mind shy girls but....I hate them when they are so shy that I have to talk first ALL the time, men get tired of chasing ALL the time.

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    hi Jessa

    I've been down that road i am shy also.......and there are guys who like us shy girls. They just don't let it out in the open!!!

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    how old are you? and can i have your phone number?

    that doesn't matter anyways =)

    well personally outgoing girls are easier for guys to met and make friends with. however i like shy girls too, because guys just like innocent girls. if you think you're shy but you're interested into this guy just go ahead and be comfortable with him and be only outgoing to him and that way it sends a message that you like him. and maybe you'll have good results! haha. i don't know. but good luck. you can always email me. i'm joking =)

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    Aww, I think that it's so cute if a Girl is shy like you say you are, in a way i usually I find it more attractive (^_^).

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    Hey... I know what you mean! I'm super shy and I'm self conscious about being so shy. But I managed to meet a great, handsom, fun, smart, cool guy who is now my boyfriend and he's told me that he liked that I wasn't very showy. I realized that I don't have to be outgoing to show others I'm intelligent, kind or interesting; if someone gets to know me (which we want in a guy anyhow) then I am all these things without having to shout it out in front of a lot of people.

    Instead of being intimidated by a guys looks tell yourself this guy wants to get to know me; i'm beautiful and cool and start up a convo...


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    Lads(guys) like all girls. But we don't like rejection, so if we don,t get the right "vibes" If we think we going to get a knock back, so before we do we go. It's a pride thing.

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    Eliminate Social Anxiety Shyness :

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    shy is ok , as long as youre cute , you can get away with it . But you also got to be sure and let them know your available.

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