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what are your thoughts on the rail accident near Kerang, Victoria, Australia?


A very sad moment in Australia's rail history and my thoughts are with the families of those who have died.

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    So sad, I really feel for the families that lost somebody in such a reckless act! maybe it is time to review the level crossing that there are and remove the road from actually crossing the track by either bridging or tunnelling under the track.This is because in our society of "I'm in a hurry and I won't stop for no-one" attitude it will be the only way of removing the deaths that occur due to that same attitude.

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    I live in Victoria, and yes it was very sad. I can't really state an opinion on what happened till you hear the truck drivers side to the story. It is a very sad time and seems all the worse when it is close to home. I wish the families and friends of the passenger who died, my sincere condolences. And to those that are injured a speedy recovery.

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    A very sad moment indeed. My thoughts are also for the survivors, especially the drivers. They will also have to live with the horror. Something must have gone wrong, it would appear that the truck driver attempted to avoid the collision. What happened, who knows? Blame should not be attributed to anyone until more is known. Rush decisions regarding the safety or not of the crossing need to be avoided until more is known.

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    There has to be better prior warning systems that a train is approaching and to the road traffic in advance of approaching a crossing. Even though the bells were ringing but they ring right at the crossing not out there in advance on the road side.~~

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    It's very sad & My Heartfelt Condolences goes to all the Families & Friends may they all R.I.P.

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    Just another reminder of how fragile life really is.

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