Frozen meal ideas for elderly man?

My elderly friend (80's) lives alone and has mobility issues. He hates meals on wheels and lives mostly on take-out. I want to prepare some meals and freeze them so he can microwave them later. I already know I'll make him my lasagne and beef stew since both freeze and reheat nicely. I need some other ideas, and also any recommendations for containers that go well from freezer to microwave.

He has no dietary restrictions, however nutrition is important since he has been diagnosed with sever anemia from poor nourishment and needed a blood transfusion this week because of it.

Thanks to all in advance.

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    Meatloaf freezes well if it has enough moisture in it.

    There are cookbooks out there for "once-a-month" cooking that could be helpful.

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    You might want to check out the 30 days of meals concept. Everything is freezer ready. Maybe just pare down the serving numbers?

    I freeze pretty much ANYTHING, including grilled steak - reheats fabulously, especially if you under-cook a little (say med rare so when reheated, it's medium!)

    I love the Ziploc disposable containers for freezing - they hold up well! Also, I have one of those Food Saver things, and things like, steak, bread, etc, I suck out the air and toss it in the freezer!

    Good for you for doing something great for another person! That's just awesome! :)

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    Veggie soup (with spinach for iron). Freeze well and once is frozen you can store them in bags. Then heat it in a pan (with half an inch of water). You can use the microwave too but I don't like it. It takes about the same time but the microwave dehydrates the greens.

    Anything with sauce works well too.

  • Pasha
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    I often do the same for my family as my husband is a shift worker. When I cook, I always cook an additional portion and as you say, freeze it. I can't recall their name, but you can buy resealable plastic dishes to save the meals in.

    How about things like:

    Shepherds Pie


    Spaghetti Bolognais



    Roast Chicken parcels with Stuffing and veg (single chicken breast, slit sideways making a pocket. Stuff and wrap in bacon....)

    Chili con carni

    sausage casserole

    Desserts too

    bread and butter pud


    jam roly poly

    suet puds

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  • jackie
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    here is what my wife and i do. what we cook we eat and then freeze. like soups and stews my wife make a chicken stew that is so good she uses chicken breast, chicken stock. then she go to the farmer market and get the other stuff to put it in and it is great and we freeze it up and on a cold night we have it and home made bread that i love to cook. she also does up meat sauces that can easy go over rice or noodles. we love pork, chicken, beef, and when there is only a little left over we mix them together and sometimes that the best one of all.. she make white and red sauces cheese sauces don't do so well. but we do freeze cheese and use them only for cooking. if he is anemia he needs more red meat and greens to eat. oh just to know don't over cook the stuff you want to freeze it is better to under cook them so when you reheat they don't turn to mush. my wife make me do 50 lbs of meat when i bar-b-Q. and we freeze it yummy use a slow cooker to bring it back to life and make it like you just cooked it.

    Source(s): a man who been eating for 60 years
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    I'm no chef, but I used to cook once a week for my father, and freeze everything for him. His favourite was a meat filled gnocci, with a simple bolognaise sauce. You could also try tuna casserole, (tuna mornay) it freezes well, and is easy to make. Tuna, white sauce, some peas and corn maybe. It's a very nice thing you're doing, I'm sure he will appreciate anything you dish up for him.

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    Good Meals you can make, freeze then reheat -

    -Chicken Pot Pie (this is REALLY tasty)

    -Veggie Stew (another really tasty meal, and very healthy)

    -Mexican Casserole

    -Gulosh (sp?) - the receipe I have calls for tons of ingredients, makes ALOT and can last awhile even if you eat a few regular size bowls a day

    -Regular stew (veggies and meat, also very healthy)

    -Chicken Marsella (again sp?)

    -Fettucini Alfredo

    -Chicken Alfredo

    -Homemade Pizza for special occasions?

    -Mac n Cheese (<3 my favorite)

    Also making him a banana pudding would probably make his day if he loves it =3 hope this helps!

  • ginger
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    1 decade ago

    Just as everyone else said, what a nice thing to do for someone.

    I would find out his favorites and try to prepare what he likes and that can be frozen. It would be a shame to put all that effort into preparing his meals and have him not like them. He probobly wouldn't tell you that he didn't like them so not to hurt your feelings.

    I have frozen just about every dinner you can think of to be used within the week and most of them taste just as good as they did when I made them.

    Source(s): I was unable to get around for about a week and a friend fixed frozen meals for me too, and I felt bad when I didnt really want some of the things she made. So, of course, I didn't tell her, and ordered food to be delvered. That is why I say ask him what his likes are first.
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    get some of those paper plates that are not so thin that one can put in the microwave. cook a meat and some vegs, and put that in there and freeze.different meats and different vegs, so he will have a variety. he sure is picky not to like meals on wheels. considering he can't cook himself.

  • Gerry
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    1 decade ago

    We need more people like you in this world! Keep up the good work! God Bless!

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