Who wrote this book...butterfly tattoo?

I once read a book about a woman who had a tattoo of a butterfly on her inner thigh, I think. Either way, what I do know is that the story was about her life as a young woman, then as an adult, and finally as an older woman. It goes through her life experiences and the 3 men in her life. It was written by someone like Danielle Steele? Please help!!!


I don't think the book is actualy entitled "Butterfly Tattoo," but in the story, the girl gets a tattoo of a butterfly. It's more of a story of her life in 3 stages.

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    Norman Barry wrote a book by that title

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    Butterfly Tattoo Book

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    It sounds like one of my favorite books. Butterfly by Kathryn Harvey. It's about an awkward girl, Rachel, who grows up in poverty and treated like junk by men, then transforms herself into Beverly Highland and goes on to rule the world, so to say.

    At one point, her boyfriend, Danny, takes her to get a tattoo of a tiny butterfly on her inside thigh, which becomes the basis for her club, Butterfly.

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    Philip Pullman

    Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Pullman Above website says "1998 The Butterfly Tattoo (re-issue of The White Mercedes) " "A film adaptation of The Butterfly Tattoo [1] is set to film in 2007. It is a Philip Pullman supported project to allow young artists a chance to get film industry experience. "
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    Suzanne Blanchard Schmidt

    Source(s): Source? I typed "who wrote butterfly tattoo" in google
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    I think you are talking about the book by Kathryn Harvey. A girl named Rachel is abused and abandoned by the people she loves. She is forced to leave her home,get a butterfly tattoo and an abortion, and turn sexual favors for men. She seeks revenge on someone who harmed her and used her who rises to power in the public eye. She changes her appearance, and goes to work seeking her revenge against someone she dearly loved who hurt her very badly, and man, does she ever get it! I did not want to spoil it for you, as you may want to read it again!

    Source(s): Avon Books printed in 1989
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    It really depends on the skill of the tattooist, make sure you see some of his/her work first (If they say they can do it before even seeing it run like the wind). I've seen a one person with scripture down the inside of his arm, within a few weeks the ink started to bleed, making it unreadable (was done while on holiday.....), only thing he could do was cover it up with a scroll tattoo (and it looks bloody awful).

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    The one I found on Amazon was by Philip Pullman

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