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Friends waters broke, no labour, doctors did nothing for 2 weeks. She has had problems before?

The doctors that she had at the time just dicked around, until i had enough and started demanding, she had gone into premature labour 3 times, they stopped it, did an ultra sound, then tried to tell her she was 5 weeks less pregnant, not possible, she found out at 5 weeks. Just as well i spoke up, or the baby would have died in utero, they wanted to put the birth off another week, she was 36 weeks, there was a huge knot in the umbilical cord. This time, her waters broke, she went into labour, but it stopped, so they kept an eye on her, she was 36 weeks, 2 days later they told her to go home. They did another ultrasound, again tried to tell her she was less pregnant than originally thought, but only 2 weeks less. She went into labour again, but it stopped, so they told her to go home again, keep in mind, her waters had already broken week before, then they decided to give her a cesarean, which she didnt want. How p*ssed off would you be in this case?


I mean, i would have thought they would have done more than send her home once her waters had broken, and if the labour stopped. I wasnt there this time, and she has a really bad habit of not questioning things, she will complain under her breath to herself, but she wont say anything to the ones who are supposed to know. The last time, i ended up asking for a second opinion, i just thought it was weird that she kept going into labour, but they kept stopping it, the first time without consulting her obgyn. The baby was born healthy this time, perfectly formed and developed, just small, i just thought it was strange they sent her home after her waters broke. Yes they did break, they wrote it on her prenatal notes? Strange or what?

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    Holy crap!! My understanding from my own OB is that if your water breaks they need to deliver the baby within 24-48 hours because of risk of infection. I would be pissed off for sure in that situation because they are risking the baby's health by not delivering. Of course, I would have been throwing a HUGE stink in the hosptial and would have refused to leave if my water broke and they were going to send me home. The #1 priority should have been that baby and his/her health.

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    First of all - if her water broke, they should have let her have the baby. You only have so long after your water breaks to give birth, or the baby could get an infection and die. No doctor or hospital should have stopped the labor in that case.

    Is she sure her water broke? The baby can't survive without water -

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    If I were her I would go to another hospital, her risk for infection after the water breaks is quite high, which only leads to bad things for both Mom & baby!!

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    If her water broke then they are supposed to keep her because once the membranes have ruptured the baby is susceptible to infection and bacteria. The doctors should know that.

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