Mormons on Yahoo! Answers?

Hello Yahoo! Answers, why do you delete questions about Mormons?

Just Wondering.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Perhaps they feel they are the target of unfair 'bashing' - they are taught they are a persecuted people.

    They are told what to believe, why they believe it, and generally attempt to avoid differing trains of thought or ideas. The few that to come on here don't really like to be put on the defensive, and contribute a 'gang like' mentality in deleting certain questioners.

    It gives them strength in building up Zion on the internet...

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  • bersaw
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    4 years ago

    i'm the Mormon with the 34DDs and that i'm in love with an exquisite city in Connecticut named Mianus. My popular planet is Uranus and that i'm in love with a soccer participant named Tim. I choose i ought to marry Tim interior the temple, yet he's no longer Mormon... i might choose to marry yet another soccer participant who's warm and Mormon (Austin Collie), yet he's married already, i'm anti-Cougar-ish, and you will't make your ? decide for who you may love. i will under no circumstances deliver Meth those pictures he desires of through fact inspite of each and every thing, i'm a stable Mormon woman. i pass to church and all that. And the others Mormons i've got met right here? they're sweeter than sugar!!! I ? 'em, yet there are some that even nevertheless i like them, they may be way judgmental, yet everybody has flaws and you may settle for human beings the way they're, so I nonetheless love 'em anyhow (aside from the chick that referred to as me a $lu7 -real good Mormon ladies do no longer say that, somewhat while the guy being accused is in her early 20's and hasn't even had a 1st kiss). i'm a unusual-ish form of Mormon. choose me, choose me, lalalala! *no longer listening* I even have relaxing right here. you comprehend? opposite to very conservative prevalent ideals, you've an affidavit and watch R-rated video clips... and be a green Jell-O hating Democrat.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Question: Did you know that mainstream Mormons practice polygamy?

    Deleted Answer: I got one weirder for you, my Dad, thought I was another wife and I was never married to him, just sealed to him because Famlies are Forever, I guess he got confused, and forgot that I was his daughter, must have been some weird temple teaching he heard about.

    Question: I am interested in becoming a mormon, where do I start?

    Deleted Answer: look

    Question: Mormon: I did not get an answer to my question about the marriage.?

    Deleted Answer:;_ylt=AomNh... maybe that will answer your question, my quetion was "do mormons believe that God has more then one wife and it has info that they believe that God and Jesus are poligamist.

    Question: Ex-Mormons...?

    Deleted Answer: Too many reasons to say at this late an hour. 1. I didn't liek the theology of God being a wimp and sending his osn to die for our sins. I liked the christian theology of the trinity better that God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are one and work seperately, made sence to me. 2. I was my father's daughter/spouce, very dsyfunctional, my mom was a very depressed latter-day saint women and I saw other first born kids in my position as well. 3. a lot of Mormons in my community thought they were already Gods and goddesses. It made me sick.there was the usual comradery like the visiting teacher and the brethern that would visit, but I never felt like I fit in 4. I was always suicidal, I could not see what was so great about being a Mormon, I just wanted to die and end my life every day. 5. I almost died three times, it seemed that satan was actually after me, and the mormons preached this to and I couldn't explain why this was happening to me and being suicidal I was mad that I survived to live another day. 6. everyone knew about the child molester neighbor and no one did anything, they just told me to stay away from him. I could go on but I won't...oh yea I knew I was being brainwashed and mind controled and indoctrinated...

    Source(s): ex-mormon
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    maybe because you didn't ask in religion and spirituality? i dunno

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