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What can i do for grieving dog?

My doberman found a kitten about 4 weeks ago, it was young, so i assume she startled the mom as she was moving it. She cried and carried on so much, i had to let her keep it (silly dog). Well anyway, i had been bottle feeding it and she has been playing mom to it. 2 nights ago, i let her and the kitten out for last potty break, heard an enormous racket and went flying out the door to see what was going on, and all i can assume was a half wild tom cat was in the yard, and attacked the kitten. My dog defended her kitten, killed the tom,(surprised the crap out of me), got a nasty scratch on her face in the process, and the kitten was beat up pretty bad. By the time i called the emergency vet, got dog, kitten and cat body to the vet (20 mins away), its was too late, kitten was in shock and died not long after we got there. It may have also had a bad heart, according to the vet. Now i cant get my dog off the bed, except to go to the toilet, and she wont eat, she looks so sad, what can i do?


She cant have puppies, but is undesexed (infertile due to medical condition), so she has always been a bit strange around young animals. I dont really want to get her another kitten, i didnt want one in the first place, but she found her very own baby, so i couldnt say no to her, and it just feels weird, thinking of getting a pet for my pet. She has spent all of the last day and a half on my bed, except to go and check her own bed, like the kitten would maybe be in there, and go to the toilet, i cant get her to eat, and the antibiotics seem to not be working, the scratch on her face is getting infected, i may have to get injectable antibiotics. She isnt even paying attention to my kids, and they are starting to worry about her too. What can i do, what can i do, im starting to get really worried, ive never seen this before, not from a dog who has only had the kitten as a companion for 4 weeks anyway. Help.

Update 2:

By the way, i have 5 dogs already, she doesnt even acknowledge the other dogs if i get them to come in and try to snap her out of it.

Update 3:

I have since taken her back to the vet for injectable antibiotics. My kids have actually been the ones to start to snap her out of it, she loves the kids noisy stuffed toys, the kind that talk to you when you squeeze them, she always steals them from the kids whenever she can without being seen (klepto dog). So we went and bought a new one just for her, the kids were playing with it in my bedroom where the dog is, she showed an interest, so the kids left it on the floor where she could see it. It worked, she sneakily stole it and had it outside in her kennel. She has been a bit better, is eating, finally, still seems depressed, but not as bad, she spent last night on the sofa with me, still sad though.

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    first i would want to make sure she isn't acting 'down' because of a fever or infection from not taking her pills. before you spend ALOT of money on a behaviorist, try getting her to a dog park. If she like water get her to a lake, if she likes snow get her skis. You can see where im going with that.

    Exercises and mental stimulation are going to be very important. Even if you can only get her to walk 5 feet in the back yard, praise her and celebrate that.

    they can also feel you. if you are constantly feeling bad for her, she senses that energy. change it up with positive thoughts.

    Be patient most of all. i have dealt with grieving dogs, and just like humans healing times vary.

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    Oh. :( That's really sweet, and sad. Poor kitten. Poor Dobie.

    If she's really depressed, adopt another kitten from the shelter--hey, might as well save a life, right? The kitten should look about the same as the last one and try to get one about the same age. If your dog doesn't fall for the ruse, put some type of safe spice on both the dog and the kitten so the dog THINKS the kitten's hers--not sure if it'll work, though, I read about it in a horse story, where the owners used it on a mare and an orphan colt.

    Edited right after posting...

    Just read what you added--how you don't want to get another kitten and how the other dogs can't get her out of her depression. If you can get ahold of an animal behaviorist, get him/her NOW, particularly if the behaviorist is reputable and professional. He/She may get the dog to forget about her loss.

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    Oh my gosh, that's one of the saddest stories I've ever heard. I'm sooooo sorry.

    I'd say first, ask the vet what you can do to help her. Give her lots of love and attention. I'd be awfully tempted to get another kitten... but I know you don't want one. How about a stuffed animal kitten? Maybe laying with that would help her.

    Good luck, and hang in there. I know you'll do all you can do to help her.

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    give her lots of love and buy her maybe a kitten or another dog like a minture pincher

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    Maybe adopt another kitten and see what happens.

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    i feel so bad for you and your dog. i really dont know how to answer this question. try to give your dog lots of love. good luck and i hope everything works out

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    OMG... that's so sadddd. :(((( maybe you could get another kitten from the pound for her???

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