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What is the difference between minced meat and ground beef?

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    I would say ground beef has to be beef for a start whereas minced meat could be other meat or a mix of meats such as pork, chicken etc. To me minced means the meat is squeezed through a "mincer" which produces shreds of meat and ground meat has a finer texture. However, I think in normal language Americans refer to ground beef where Brits would refer to minced beef and a lot of people dont really notice if the meat is beef or pork or something else. When I lived in England, mince was seen as all the bits and pieces left over and minced together. In Scotland the mince comes in different qualities including really high grade mince but then the Scots do treat meat with more respect than the English.

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    What is the difference between minced meat and ground beef?

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    What Is Minced Meat

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    "Bobotie" is just the South African version of the Indonesian dish, Bobotok, which is made with minced meat (beef, lamb, mutton OR pork!). In South Africa, it is not unheard of to add bananas or lemons to a bobotie. In Britain, "minced meat" usually means minced beef (hamburger") and "mincemeat" usually means finely chopped dried fruit. Just to confuse the issue, Victorian "mincemeat" often contained minced meat (hence the name) as the source of fat to hold the fruit together in a pie. Yum!

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    Mince meat is chopped up beef. Ground beef is grinded beef mushed together.

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    minced beef = ground beef (same-same.)

    I grew up using American english, and say "ground". The Australians and the English say "mince".

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    Minced is when you chop it up using a knife and it's more lumpy in different sizes; ground is when you put it through a grinder and it's softer and more uniform.

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