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America, the biggest threat to world stability? Yikes!?

Yahoo News just posted an article announcing that 32% of the top Western countries believe America the biggest threat to world stability. America is ahead of Iran, China, and North Korea. Bush has put us ahead of the "Axis of Evil"? Oh my. I knew we were bad, but not this bad.


What do you think? Which country do you believe is the country most likely to bring destruction and unstability to the world?


To clarify, it is 32% of the populations of the top European countries.

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  • DeAnna
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    Only Americans who are caught up in this whole "patriotism" thing are too dense to see this. Unfortunately, to them being "patriotic" includes being ignorant and blind. They don't get that questioning our government and their motives isn't unpatriotic... -IF- they really loved this country and respected the views of other nations, they would be questioning this administration and our policies because it is HURTING this country that we all love so much.

    Wake up people!

  • Anonymous
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    Belief systems, not countries, are the problem. Having said that though, the country, China, is probably the biggest threat-- to the entire world. Islam is the biggest threat as far as belief systems go because it practices murder and genocide and converts by the sword in today's world when the peoples of the world should have left all that behind centuries ago.

    Here's the truth about the US: American citizens have been left behind in the minds of their elected officials. The current U.S. politicians see Americans as dumb and vulnerable, ready for exploitation. The American education system has been dumbing down its students for years.

    Most U.S. asnd other politicians are globalists who see a future for the North and Central American continents that resembles the European Union and run by a communist/socialist government. These "elected" officials are pushing for extreme changes in the U.S. regardless of the wishes of the citizens of the United States. Globalism makes strange bedfellows like the Kennedys, Clintons, and Bushes being allied, all on the same side, regardless of how Americans vote. They belong to secret societies and attend meetings where the future of the U.S. is decided without the vote of the people.

    If you and the people you know and love want the US. to continue as a country, you face some difficult decisions including overthrowing the current powers that are directing your country toward a far different future than you can imagine.

    There will be no middle class and little freedoms for those who work for a living. The standard of living for Americans will plummet, the American Constitution will no longer be a viable document of freedom.

    Forget the critics--they're afraid and suffer from the Ostrich Syndrome. Try not to let anyone push you around, including your elected officials. You must ask yourself is it worth the effort--do you want to fight for what your ancestors fought to give you? You have to take a stand for your way of life now before you're forced to--at that point it may be too late. You will lose everything.

  • gash
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    4 years ago

    there is not any such ingredient. the international isn't reliable nor has it ever been there is warfare in some area of the international at any given time. the biggest danger to stability is Humanity. you opt for to blame your own united states yet might you destabilize your life to earnings international stability? Will you provide up your freedom and convenience first in desire that it would desire to hold this imagined stability that has in no way existed?

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    Wrongo brainstorm. We used the ATOMIC bomb, not the nuclear bomb. Germany and Japan were well on their way to developing their own ATOMIC bombs and most definitely would have used them had they been ready. As for 32% of Europe believing we are the biggest threat to world stability, hey, on the bright side 68% of Europe doesn't consider us the biggest threat, so we aren't doing so bad then huh? I guess it all depends on how you look at things. After this weekend in England and Scotland, I'm sure a few people have changed their minds, afterall it isn't the U.S. that is actively plotting to blow up civilian restaurants and theaters and nite clubs after all.

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    32% of myself agrees with the article. 68% does not. Without a superpower like U.S., world would have succumb to communism and fanaticism a long time ago. Who stopped the Nazis? Who stopped or stalled the spread of communism around the globe? Who is fighting the fanatic factions of muslims around the world now? World will cry foul when we try to police it, but they'll cry louder if we don't.

    Israel and its neighbors been doing a pretty good job destablizing Middle East and forcing other countries to choose sides.

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    Hmmm . A threat to communism ? Or to terrorism ? Yikes - are we supposed to apologize for defending our country ? I don't think so .Land O' Goshen what's this world coming to .

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    America has certainly attacked more countries than N. Korea has. It's also way ahead of Iran and China.

    It's the only country ever to use the ultimate weapon of mass destruction against civilians, the nuclear bomb.

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    That's true because we are the most hated of all nations in the world, hence the greatest threat. The sooner we rain fire on the middle east the better, 2000 years and they still live in tents...talk about tradition before progress.

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    I think we shouldn't worry about it. I believe President Bush is a wise individual and if he sees the US being a threat, then I think he'll take care of it.

    It's kind of upsetting, if you're an American and you're doubting that Bush has put us here, or that you think we are going to cause an end to the world stability.

    Whatever happened to patriotism?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Most of you commucrats idea of world stability is communist domination.

    Wake up!

    The US is only a threat to total communist domination. As long as there is not a commucrat in the office of president that will never happen.

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