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What exactly is a lone wolf? Is it a wolf that has been kicked out of the pack or is it one that "leaves" volu


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    In a pack there will always be a leader and a clear structure. If the wolf cannot abide by life under the alpha or is just too frisky or different to work with the rest then it will leave in search of another pack. Its objective is usually to take over, join or form a new pack.

    The benefit for the species is to reverse inbreeding- a very dangerous phenomenon which for example a few years ago threatened to wipe out Swedens wolf population which had dwindled from 500 to 40. As soon as a Finnish lone wolf appeared on the scene after a 400 mile journey the new blood brought about a revival to 100 in a short time.

    The benefit for the individual wolf is it (usually he) does not have to share food, look after weaker members or fend off challenges. The successful hunter can very quickly attain bulk and strength so when it finds a pack it has a good chance of beating down the alpha male and mating.

    A wolf will leave for any of the following reasons....

    Failed challenge- the wolf wanted to lead the pack and challenged the alpha male but failed.

    Not enough food- if the pack is doing poorly, or if the wolf is getting his kills confiscated then individual wolves may leave for reasons of survival.

    Left behind- if, because of human activity or otherwise a wolf is abandoned a reasonable percentage will quickly adapt to fending for themselves.

    A wolf often just wanders off- it is the descendant of wolves who only survived to breed by practising the same behaviour.

    For a few wolves these instincts do not work properly and they do not rejoin or even find a pack. Those with human contact more often remain lone wolves because their natural social behaviour can become lost to them.

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    A lone wolf is usually only "lone" for a short time.

    Typically, a lone wolf will be a male, not dominant, who has had a fight with the dominant male and has been banished from the pack.

    He will attempt to join other packs, and perhaps will become the dominant of the new pack if he can "defeat" the leader in a fight.

    The defeated leader than becomes the "lone wolf". The original lone wolf may also be able to join the new pack as a submissive member if he is "adopted" without much of a run in with the others.

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    Technically, a lone wolf is non-existant. They don't survive, or they join another pack. Most of the time, a lone wolf is an expression for somebody who doesn't join a group, even when doing so would help.

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    If there's a %., there could desire to be love there to maintain them jointly. however, there could desire to be a bully, most of the time there is likewise a protector. without protector or an in depth chum, or the chief in a %. to help out and preserve them; they many times are not area of the %. and in basic terms going alongside or the %. isn't very stable. One won't be able to be a lone-wolf except their previous %. observed some thing risky with them or that they've been as quickly as area of the %. and grow to be no longer offering some thing to furnish, and that they've led to too plenty difficulty. The lone ones many times have not experienced love yet lots of hate. you will be able to pity them yet they might have not have been given any pity to furnish to others no rely the condition. they're solid-willed and self sufficient, they could stay like that. of direction there are additionally those lone-wolfs that are seeking for for a %.. One's that have lost their very own %. with the aid of fact of a few tragedy or they have questioned lost. incredibly I pity them, that's existence. i might fortuitously take this lost lone-wolf to be a area of my %.. yet I additionally love %. animals with the aid of fact they many times have administration and is amazingly worrying and loves being with you.

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    "Lone" wolves are caused by a variety of reasons: hierarchy disputes, sickness, age,loss of mate (Wolves mate FOR LIFE.), or by simple choice. If a wolf is an "Alpha", being a "Lone Wolf" is not that bad, but it CAN be lonely, as, I suppose, the term implies.

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    one whose mate may have died

    wolves live in pairs lot of the time

    they form packs in the winter when food is scarce

    their main diet in the summer is mice ,and other small rodents

    but in a pack they can drive prey over a cliff or into a corner

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