How do I get mildew out of my wedding dress? (lace)?

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  • Rella
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    1 decade ago
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    For something that pricey and priceless, I wouldn't mess with anything less than taking it to a professional cleaners and asking them to do the job.

    If you aren't sure where to take it, call a few local shops that sell wedding dresses and ask if they have any recommendations as to which local cleaners would be best. Maybe they'd even be able to suggest a home remedy for you.

    But I still think your best bet is to pay some one who has experience with cleaning that type of garment.

  • 1 decade ago

    Don't use any commercial product.

    I presume the dress is white, if not,

    do not do the following.

    Also, is the lace cotton, silk, polyblend?

    Do not do the following if it is silk.

    Polyblend is hard to figure unless you know

    exactly what the blend is.Try ONLY a

    tiny spot.


    Get a bottle of 100% lemon juice.

    Try this first on a tiny, tiny area.

    Squirt lemon juice on the mildew.

    Put dress outdoors in the sunshine for a few hours,

    moving as necessary to keep the mildew in the sunlight.

    If it doesn' work on the tiny area, forget this method.


    Get some denture cleaning tablets, dissolve in water.

    Dip a tiny piece of the lace into the water.

    Let sit and see if this removes it.

    If these do not remove the mildew,

    take it to a very, very good dry cleaner as soon as possible. The longer it sits on the lace, the harder it is to remove.

    You don't want to damage something so precious.

  • MJ
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    1 decade ago

    Lay it out flat and place several towels between the layer that has mildew and the rest of the dress. Spray with a solution of 2tsp tea tree oil (Wal-Mart pharmacy) and 12oz water in a sprayer. Let sit a few minutes and then gently wipe away with a soft cloth. Spay a little water onto it to rinse away any excess and the towels should catch any extra so it won't go onto any other part of the dress. It won't leave any residue and will kill the mold dead in it's tracks.

  • 1 decade ago

    Try Tri sodium phosphate. It is a powder product that is used to kill mildew and the stains from masonry and basement walls. Try in a small, hidden area if possible. Other than that, go the professional route. Probably wont be cheap but probably wont be done wrong either.

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