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if you had to live in a Grey area, weather wise for the rest of your life around people who only wore white?

all the time, white shirts, white tracksuits, white tops...would it drive you mad? how would you cope with this?

the area you lived in was cloudy all the time and steel grey clouds, grey skies and everyone living there had white shirts on everyday...

would it crack you up? how would you escape to the land of colour and light?

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    Living in constant gray and cloudiness can be very depressing. I know that when we have our rainy season, such as we are right now, not having sun-light really puts people into a foul mood.

    If all I saw was white, I would be trying to look for other colors. Like a pop of green among the gray, or pop of red from flowers or yellow... anything but gray and white. Maybe even don a bright colored shirt.

    Maybe even buy some to brighten up the room or something.

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    I like the color white but I can not wear it. It bleaches my beautiful complexion. If you don't get the joke, think about for a minute. Now I do see what you mean but if you look close you will see color all about you. The world is not shades of gray but shades of color. I once wrote a poem that contained the lines (The pale brown of the naked tree against the deep gray sky. Some feel oppressed but I see beauty there.) You have to see beauty in everything, even death. Life is what you make of it and beauty is always there, even in white.

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    I think I'd end up going a little mad! I need color! But, what about a person who is color-blind, or totally blind?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'd take up painting and paint in the wildest colors I could find.

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