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diarrhea in dogs? Vets no help!?

So heres the whole story. My roomate adopted a dog and later found out that it had all kinds of worms and ringworm. it had been with our other two dogs so we decided to keep them in the garage until they could be tested after a couple of days since we were told that it doesnt show up immediately. They were away from the other dog from there on out. two or so days later my dog pooped his bed with kind of loose poop and then went outside when i let him out and had a lot of pudding like poop. I took him to the vet and he said that it could have been because he ate something bad. he did a fecal test and nothing was wrong. Hes on anti diarrhea pills and that flora stuff. He's in great spirits and not dehydrated. Now our other dog is pooping the same exact way. Started with pooped bed and now twice a day she has diarrhea. Vets say its nothing. They are vaccinated, so i THINK its stress cause they are in the garage a lot. maybe food went bad in the humid garage? Going to vet in the morning.

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    I used to be a vet tech, so I've seen instances like this many times. Several factors can lead to diarrhea: 1) Parasites, 2)viral or bacterial infection, 3)change in diet, 4)stress, 5)chronic medical condition like ulcerative colitis. All these are good possibilities, among other things. If your vet has ruled out parasites and the dog has been treated for infections, then I would attempt to stabilize the diet with something bland. Many dogs have very sensitive digestive systems. Any slight changes can throw everything out of whack, commonly leading to diarrhea. Another respondee wisely suggested boiled chicken with plain white rice (no seasonings whatsoever). If you haven't the time to cook, some vets carry foods like Eukanuba's Low Residue or Hill's i/d. Both are good, bland prescription diets meant for easy digestion and can only be bought/prescribed by vets. If it is in fact stress, try your best to eliminate the factors that have abruptly changed in your dog's life recently. Bring it back in the house and confine to an easily cleaned area - tile floor, etc. and make him comfortable with some cozy old towels (something easily washed or tossed). Otherwise, it is a good idea to check back in with your vet and get his/her suggestions. If your vet will not take you or your dog's problems seriously; it is time to find a new vet who does.

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    It would be best to have a Vet actually diagnose what is going on with your dogs. Something is upsetting their systems.

    Quick fix just for the loose stools (not for whatever is causing them) is canned pumpkin. Not pumpkin pie filling as it has seasonings and spices in it. Just plain canned pumpkin. Dogs love it and it usually clears up the loose stools in a couple of servings. You should take all food away from the dogs and feed them about the amount of canned pumpkin that you would have served of their regular food. You should see a difference after one or two meals of the pumpkin but you should still want to get to the cause of the problem. Canned pumpkin is usually in the baking section of a grocery store. Libby is one brand.

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    Attempt to stabilize the food you are giving it ...a rice and groung beef is usually the first remedy...10 percent beef cooked and cooled to 90 percent rice....But if this doesn't normally have this problem and you haven't changed the food recently then, maybe the best best is too get the dog out of the garage?? Are the Cars parked there is there other chemicals in there...maybe get a cage and bring them inside??

    Hope all goes well

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    I just adopted a kitten and due to the stress of a new home he got diarrhea. There's not much you can do except switch to can food- since it'll keep him hydrated and always make sure there's lots of water.

    Giving the dog a bath after he goes can help if he makes a big mess. My kitten would get it all over himself.

    Also know ringworms people can get.

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    I would guess that it is because of being in the garage. I would be stressed out if my mom put me out. Just try to give them allot of love. Are they eating grass when they are out side? If your vet has tested them then I would say you have nothing to worry about. I know my dog will get the runs if we change to much stuff in the house. She just likes to do the same thing day in and day out. I hope it all turns out for all three of them.

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    Go to the vet for sure. But until their stomachs stop having problems I would put them on a very bland diet. Try them on boiled chicken and plain rice. That is a lot easier on an upset stomach than regular dog food.

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    It's probably too hot in the garage.Do you have fans running for them? Also,is there any type of chemical in the garage that they could have gotten into? Make sure they have plenty of fresh water and have a cool place.Try feeding bland foods and plain yogurt for a few days ( boiled chicken breast,and rice or boiled hamburger and rice)

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    You are wise taking that dog to the vet....just in case. Both dogs probably got into the same thing or ate the same thing....or it could be a virus, period. Happy poop-scooping! Only kidding! I am sorry to hear your dogs are not well, really. I have dogs of my own...I hope they are both better soon, too.

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    One thing to remember in humans and animals is a saying my mum has always had

    Eggs are binding so is cheese, eat more fruit and sh*t with ease.

    So basically make a feed up for the dog, with mince, pasta, vegies and eggs, top it with a bit of grated carrot, you will find it will ease over a few hours.

    P.s this always works with my dog if she gets sick

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    It's really hard to say what could be the cause of this happening. Has their food been changed? If you aren't happy with his vet, take them somewhere else. To me, that would be the best thing to do.

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