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How do you know when a shy guy likes you?

The guy that I like isn't shy around his friends, but he's very quiet when he's around people that he's not that close with. Sometimes I catch him looking at me from the corner of my eye. I ran into him during class today, and I gave him a smile but he looked kinda nervous and walked away. How do I know if a shy guy likes me if he keeps on giving mixed signals?


P.S. We're kinda opposites. I'm a bit preppy, and he's got a much darker side. Sometimes he seems really friendly, and other times he seems distant.

Update 2:

I'm a shy person too, so there's no way that I'll be able to get the courage to ask him if he likes me. I AM nervous around him already, so I don't know...

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    We don't bother to look at girls out of the corner of our eye unless we think they're hot. And if we think they're hot , we're interested in them. No exceptions - that's how we're wired. If you have caught him doing this, then he likes you. No ifs, ands, buts about it - that's how us guys work. Foolproof.

    We don't waste our time looking at girls we don't think are attractive or don't like.

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    Yes. But I think there's a difference between being coy and desperately shy. Soft spoken can be endearing. But if it's to the extreme of saying, not wanting to go out or something, it cramps a relationship.

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    Speaking as a shy guy myself it would be better to make the first moves if you like him. He probably doesn`t know what you think and what exactly to tell you. He might think that he will say something stupid or out of place because he is nervous. So if you can show him that you don`t think he is awkward he might be more relaxed.

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    if you catch him staring espically from a distance then yes probobly

    if he makes an attempt to talk to you then ya probly

    if not either then definatly no

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    staring is good. if they try to make it look like they are looking around the room when you look back at them... even better.

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    seem "nervous" around HIM - it will make him feel more comfortable - trust me

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    if he turns red and stuff. try to talk to him and if his voce cracks or something then he probably does like you

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    you should just ask him if he likes u thats a big help but yea itll be kinda weird to ask a guy that

    maybe u can try talking to him and becomre friends then ask idk

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    Just try and talk to him more and see where it goes.

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