why are black people racist against white people?

I know there are racist white people but in my school i can't move without being discriminated at my friends in south africa are hated for being white and my friend from another school was attacked by guys because he was white. Me and my friend are not racist in fact one of my best friends is black who let me stay at his store over night because he knows i don't like to be with my mom some times, hes 19 and hes cool and his brother is too, and one day this guy came up to me and was like you damn white guy, why are [certain] black people racist against white people? My families on my dads side moved to America when it was first starting as quakers and Moravians (anti-slaves) and on my moms side of the family we moved out because of national socialists. so why would a black person hate me? Is it because im a punk with a mohawk? sorry if theres bad grammer or spelling.

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    I know what you're saying, your family is not a family that has every supported slavery, and you are not a racist person, so why would someone behave like that to you?

    Even though we have a strong history of racism, and how and why it happened, our history of slavery isn't the reason that racism happened. Racism would have happened whether people ever had slaves or not.

    Everybody wants to feel part of a group, and some times the best way to be part of a group and to point out the person who shouldn't be in the group and kick them out, and if you kick someone out, it makes your position stronger. When you're around a couple black guys, and one of them wants to look good in front of the other guys, its easy for them to pick on you for being white... not because of slavery or reverse discrimination or anything reflection of history, but because it's an easy way for them to try to look cool.

    As the guy being picked on, there isn't much you can do. To really stop this sort of thing, and show that there is no respect for guys who try to look cool by pointing at the person who's different, your black friends need to stand up and reject the other guys. But this might also apply to you when you seen a white guy messing with a black guy, or some guys messing with a girl or a person with a disability. They all do it for the same reason. When they point at someone for being different and try to exclude them from the group, they do it so they can look better and be a more important member of the group. ...this is also why most of us consider this behavior immature and lacking of self confidence.

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    It seems to me that any race can feel hostility towards another. It's not just blacks and whites...it's everyone. I understand what you're saying but I think it wrong not to consider the whole picture. The reasons for racism may not be justifiable. It might be there because of what a person learned in life. There are a million reasons. I'm not a racist and I have friends of all races. I enjoy talking about subjects such as this because I feel I can learn a great deal about other cultures. My friends agree and we have some long-out conversations about this. We all end up learning something. EMT

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    As long as anything exists that divides human beings into classes and races, rich and poor, educated and ignorant, beautiful and ugly; there will be faction and hatred. Einstein said, "It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." I'm sorry that there is not better news than this. I believe we are obligated to recognize this fact about human nature and live by the rule of law as best we can to serve justice and to treat one another as brothers and sisters in so far as it is possible. What else does freedom mean?

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    Your thoughts are flawed. The same reason that anyone is racist against anyone is the same reason as why some blacks are racist against white. you seem not to even KNOW what racism means. It means prejudice on the basis of SKIN COLOR. No where in the definition does it say "(excluding those whose family never did anything wrong to their race, who have friends of their race, who are kind to their race, who are not racist to their race, ect.)" It doesn't matter if you give them $4 billion dollars! If they're racist against whites, they'll be racist towards you if your white! It doesn't matter what you do, because it has no impact on your skin color which is what racism is soley dependent on.

    People are often racist because of ignorance, fear of difference, and insecurity.

    Also not ALL black people are racist against white people.

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    I'm not racist against any color or race...I have White friends, Black friends, East Indian friends, Asian friends, West Indian Friends and so on...I am prejudiced against bad attitudes.

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    Because of what they learned in history class.

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    Racism is a byproduct of learned ignorance and anger! It has no color or social status. It is used as an excuse for releasing frustrations by blaming and using violence in some cases...

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    you have to understand that it wasn't that long ago that black people were hated and discriminated by most whites. and not that long before that they were slaves. this hatred for being slaved isn't just going to go away. the stories and pain are past on from generation to generation.

    it is because of that type of degeneration that most peoples that are living poor hate those that are better off than them.

    not saying it is justified. just a fact.

    now most of the youth of today are just full of anger and what not and hate people or things without thinking why. just to express their anger, they see that alot of persons hate something and just join the crowd. could be just to feel apart of something.

    white people hate black people just as much, more so back then. you are being hated not personally but because of your skin color, just as black people were hated in early america. it doesn't matter where your from.

    racism is just an excuse to let anger and hate rise above compassion and forgiveness. it is easier to hate someone than to forgive them, or maybe even more exciting.

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    In South Africa they think that white people bought up all the land and are above the law, ignorance really

  • shmux
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    Ignorance, the same reason anyone's racist against anyone.

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