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do you think this is a violation?

this morning i answered a post asking why they couldn't answer anymore questions and my response was this

Question Details: And its telling me ive reached my daily limit? Why is this? I answered loads yesterday and it didnt limit me, how long before i can answer more? Thanx everyone, im in scotland, hopefully wont have to wait too long! Thanx again.

Deleted Answer: heres an interesting fact iv'e only answered 2 questions this morning and although technically this isn't an answer to your question i'm still having the points thanks

now i know this is a flippant remark and maybe pointless but were all guilty of it and i cant see anyway that this is a violation

i personally think its a plot to besmirch the good name of plumsucker2000

and keep me at level 2 when i am so so very close

and remember to keep all your answers sensible and boring because the stuffed shirts will only give you a violation

thankyou for your time



well if its point gaming why not just take the 2 points back and we'll say no more about it

when did Y/A become a totalitarian site

i and i know it'll probably be some stupid spod **** just grassin because they wanna suck yahoos virtual c*ck

i have seen this type of point gaming response many many times but yet they never seem to be removed

its victimisation i tells ya

and yes as you may have all guessed i am quite quite mad

in fact im f*ckin livid

Update 2:

Dad its not the fact i am embarrassed its the fact of the pettiness shown in this violation

my names plumsucker ffs you think i get a little coy over things like being in violation

now i'm sure your a bloody nice bloke an all and i thank you for taking to time to read my question but a little less presumption would be considered better form in future replys


Update 3:

Goin nuts

go for it matey

Update 4:


yes it does mean ballsucker but with the 2000 on the end it makes it more dynamic

i picked the name cos i thought it was funny and my mrs thinks its hilarious

i used to be called ronny rimjob if you prefer that one

and no i'm not gay

but i have been curious

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    You could change your name to Richard Cranium, I. P. Freeley, Seymore Butts, Peter Burns, I.P. Daily, Phil and Pat McGroin, Fister Faster, Richard Smoker, Izzy Nude, Ben Dover or his sister Eilean Dover, Claude Balls. Why not call yourself depravity.

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    relax. I have been given one too for opposing the BNP; only with the aid of posting a itemizing of all the lawbreaking incidents of their officers/supporters. somebody else published an identical checklist as we talk, so i'm satisfied if my 11 factors wakes up some human beings to what they're all approximately. i've got in straight forward terms ever gained 3 violations and characteristic challenged 2 of them, without respond the two so do no longer carry your breath Sonia C.

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    I think we all know that if you post a quesiton, you are likely to get some silly/stupid/flippant remarks mixed in with the legitimate ones. Fortunately, most of us can take them in stride, give them a thumbs down and move on.

    I like to think the reporting ability should be saved for spam, innappropriate or explicit comments which really are truely offending.

    And as a side note, that person simply needs to look up the Yahoo! Answers rules and instructions instead of wasting 5 points asking a question.

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    It is petty, but technically the violation was correct under the 'not a question or answer' clause of the guidelines, and possible under the 'points gaming' concept too. It would take a very small mind to report you, though!

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    ohhh ye young bugger ye, if i were 20 months younger id, course its not worth a violation no answer is, speak your heart mind bile duct even, nobody wants to hear/read a "slurp slurp" anal gratitude. but i must say your question is sheer genuis, can i place it in my new yahoo hole poll for the top best five questions ever.

    Source(s): yahoo and all you can suck my anal fissure dry
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    Technically, if you don't make a good faith effort to answer a question, instead just putting in remarks about taking the two points, then you don't have a good name to besmirch. I wouldn't worry about it.

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    I'm not sure I understand your question (sorry) but I think Answers is getting more vigilante all the time.

    Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

  • Lauren
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    hmm... how very curious! I have seen people say some terrible things on here and their answer still hasn't been removed yet I can't really see anything wrong with your answer and it's been deleted... curious indeed!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    why do you call yourself plumb sucker? Oh and your answer wasn't an answer thats why it was reported 'cos some "stuffed shirt" is having a bad day and wanted to be a kill joy.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    oh plumbsucker plumbsucker worry not.

    you are not allowed to have fun on this site please try and remember that when writing an answer.

    Im getting more and more bored of the silly violations we all they actually read the answers you put or just send a violation...the later i think.

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