why do we white people think we are better than blacks,asians etc just bc we are white?

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    1 decade ago
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    I for one do not think that at all.

    But as we're all aware, many do. And I think it's because much of North America was predominantly white for a few centuries. The only non-whites to live here 2-300 years ago were indigenous peoples that we oppressed, and slaves that the whites brought here.

    In the last 50-100 years with human rights and equality issues etc, maybe some present day white people in parts of North America still have some sort of deep-seated or maybe even subconscious feelings of superiority passed down from generation to generation?

    Non whites have contributed so much to our society over the years, and have really come to the forefront on all levels, be they business, political, religious etc. Many of these areas of our society were dominated by whites for many years. Some present day white people really have a problem with this. And this creates tension from both sides.

    100+ years ago, many non whites were employed by white people. These jobs included doing their laundry, cleaning their homes, cooking their food, building the railroads, etc. I think that's where many whites took on this attitude of thinking "I'm better than you".

    This is racism. But this same response can be found in non race related issues as well. For instance; look at a white waiter in a restaurant serving white people. Some times the patron may feel some sort of superiority over the restaurant staff, for the simple reason that they are their to serve him. And that white waiter might feel he's superior as a person to the white guy washing dishes in the back. The same goes with any system based on a hierarchy, whether it's a business, or even the military. So I don't think it's always a race related issue.

    I think generation after generation things are changing for the better with racial relations. I know for a fact if I was to date a non white girl back in the mid 60's, my parents would not have been very happy, and they were very liberal and open minded compared to some at that time. Over time, they would have accepted this, where many parents wouldn't. Today my 18 year old daughter is dating a guy from Trinidad, and I have no problem with that at all. He's a great guy.

    Perhaps where you live might also play a factor in the degree of racism.

    I spent several years living in South Korea, and of course it's population is largely Korean. Asian countries do not have a large influx of whites into their society the way western countries do with non-whites. At times I did notice a degree of racial discrimination directed towards me during my time there. There were times that I was made to feel inferior, and I guess it's sort of comparable to what you're referring to here in North America.

    For the most part I don't think that whites feel they are better than non whites. Fear and misunderstanding people of another race also seems to really isolate us from one another.

    Edit - To 'White Boy'. Yes that's exactly what you are, a boy.

    Maybe when you grow up you might see things a little clearer. For your sake let's hope so!

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    1 decade ago

    I don't feel that way. Don't lump me in your category. I don't feel I am better than anyone else at all.


    Nigerian, you don't have any way of knowing that! Did you run around taking a poll from every black and white person on EARTH?

    Lina, blacks can be just as racist as whites. Want an example? Look at yourself! You are in here spewing hate, therefore you're probably out in the real world doing the very same thing and teaching your children how to hate too. Your dad should have capped his penis when in the process of trying to make you. You're no better than the people you're wishing dead!

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    4 years ago

    Hello I am Doctor Racier, I am a raceologist, one that studies the races of the human begin with if you believe that white people are better than everyone then you are wrong. You see no one race is better than the other, except the Asians they are most superior. They are way better than everyone else, including the whites. Why do you not know this? Is it because you are a cracker? If so then I understand, but please try to restrain yourself from asking such racist question. Thank you!


    Doctor Racier

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    Don't generalize not all white people think like that. I went to school with a spanish girl who thought she was better than everybody else regardless of race. People like that are just morons.

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    White gold

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    Not all white people do, and I must say that I resent the implication. I will NEVER be able to understand how someone can judge someone else based on their color alone. It simply does not make sense to me. Nobody is "better".

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    Speak for yourself....and try not to sound like such an apologist. Y!A brownie points don't really amount to much.

    But since you're saying "we white people," how bout you tell us why you think you are better than someone?

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    1 decade ago

    this is a question that is centuries old..ages old from the first time darker skin appeared on this earth...from before the ancient egyptians...but to be honest no one really knows..all i can say is that those who truly feel that way..i hope god can forgive u cuz it's wrong to discriminate n mistreat his children..we are all god's children...from whatever religion u believe in it's still the same's time to stop the ignorance and love one another without looking down on others

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    1 decade ago

    Not all white people, some do.

    Then again some blacks think they're better than whites too.

    It's all in the game of racism and trying to establish racial superiority.

    In my opinion they all can shove it, no ones better than the other.

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    no i don't think that and i am white i feel that there will always be someone smarter pretty nicer meaner etc then me

    i try not to base who someone is by what they look like.

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