Jena 6 - 3 Q's?

If your son was beaten to the ground and stomped on by 6 individuals would you, or would you not insist they be prosecuted to the full extent of the law?
Where is the outrage about the fact that a boy was beaten by a group of thugs?
What would your feeling be if the victim had been your child?
Update: I just feel that the victim has been forgotten about in this case. He was beaten unconscious!
Update 2: Simply me - yes, I understand that. But he was still assaulted, the long term effects are still unknown.
Update 3: pretty eyes- So you would be OK with your son being beaten, is that your answer? Please read the full question before ranting.
Update 4: lite as a rock -That's astonishing to me, that your answer includes a judgement of my color when my question comes from simply being a mother. Wow.
Update 5: Jeremy- Thanks for your input I hear what your saying but I don't agree that racial tentions should negate the seriousness of what these boys did. We can't justify violence against anyones kids no matter what the provocation.
Update 6: In your opinion what do you think should happen to the Jena 6? Is there a middle ground. Can you be a supporter of the Jena 6 and still acknowledge a crime was committed?
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