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do cars cause climate change?

do cars cause climate change, adn which ones are worse?

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    The answer is way too complex for this forum.

    The short answer is probably in small part.

    The real answer is that cattle cause much more damage to the levels of methane and CO2 in the atmosphere...and you don't see Al Gore being a vegetarian.

    You can always buy an indulgence....oops I mean a carbon offset.

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    YES!!!! Cars are evil!!!!! Don't you know? The Ice Age ended - know why? Cave men and their goddam SUVs that's why. The Mesopotamians drove cars, that's what caused the Holocene Maximum. The Roman chariots had internal combustion engines. And the Vikings, their ships actually ran on diesel.

    Had to be, otherwise how could warming have happened?

    OK all humor aside - it COULD be us this time, and the FACT that it has happened MANY times in the past, including within human history, with zero human involvement, does not necessarily mean that it's not us this time.

    But it DOES mean that you can't just INFER that it's us because of the very rough overlap between the industrial revolution and the present warming / warmth (hottest year on record was 1998, it's been 9 years, I think we're entitled to question whether it's even still warmING).

    And that inference, and our inability to prove that it's something else, is all the "proof" there is.

    Since the Industrial Revolution began we humans have added CO2 to the atmosphere. The total increase, human and non-human combined, is 1 / 11,000ths of the atmosphere.

    Whoop-de-damn do.

  • Dr. D
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    Yes, cars do emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming (climate change).

    Arguing whether or not human industrial activities contribute more or less than natural processes is not beneficial. The point is we can do something about it.

    The greatest cause of human produced greenhouse gases is energy production in the form of electrical power plants. The second greatest producers of greenhouse gases is agriculture, mainly meat production. And transportation comes in third. That where cars come in to contribute to climate change.

    So the answer is (1) go off the grid and make your own electricity through solar and wind power, (2) become a vegetarian, and (3) ride a bicycle.

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    Bob, you are a moron. We already have power plants that do not require fossil fuels. They are called nuclear power plants. But too bad you yuppie’s have not allowed us to build any new plants in about 2 decades.

    If you want to meet a two-faced hypocrite, then talk to any environmentalist who is against building nuclear power plants. Every city over 100,000 should have one, this would supply all the electricity needed in America and we could get rid of all the terrible coal, natural gas, and oil plants. Too bad they don’t let educated physicists make these kinds of decisions. Instead they leave the decision up to someone who probably thinks that a modern nuclear power plant would be a danger to us, what a bunch of ignorant retards

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    The idea that volcanoes are important is wrong. Actual numbers here:


    Click on the graph in the upper right, and see how insignificant volcanoes are. Also see:


    Cars _are_ important. The worst ones are those who burn the most gas, generally larger and older ones.

    The newer "hybrid" cars are better, and electric cars will be better still, particularly when we build plants to make electricity from something other than fossil fuels.

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    Yes, cars contribute to climate change by emitting greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide. Cars are responsible for about 10% of human greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and over 21% in the USA.



    In general the larger a car is, the more gas it burns and the more greenhouse gases it emits. You can basically tell how bad a car is by finding out its mileage efficiency. SUVs are generally the worst, and hybrid cars are generally the best.

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    If cows cause climate change why didn't the world burn when we had millions of buffalo and billions of African animals and huge hurds of raindeer and all those dodo birds and the millions of Wales .we don't need an excuse to stop polluting we should just stop.

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    If you believe CO2 pollution is the cause, yes. About 13% of CO2 pollution is from vehicles. See:


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    car emists nitrogen oxides, water vapour and carbon dioxide and contributes to climate change

  • It is not only cars but anything that burns utilises the oxygen in the atmosphere and releases carbon dioxide which is harmful to our environment. CO2 is absorbed by plants etc., to a certain extent but most of it floats and helps in creating global warming which, in turn, creates climatic changes. Glaciers are melting at a faster rate, oceans are rising, hurricanes are gaining height and force and waves are gobbling up the earth at a faster rate, floods and draughts, etc. Even burning bulbs are culprits.

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