I DESPERATELY need BOY advice!!!!! haha......no really?

Okay, well theres this boy at school, im a junior in HS, and Ive liked him since 3rd grade, kinda sad I know:) but I dont have any idea how to talk to him!! Hes pretty cute, and I always see him staring at me. I would talk to him, except we dont have any classes together and our lockers arent next to each other etc... But im scared that if I dont go in for the kill this one girl is going to steal him!!! Im pretty shy and insecure...so I Really need Help from anyone!! ~TIPS!! aahhaha

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    if he keeps looking at you and youve liked him for a while, hurry up and flirt with him! find excuses for hanging out near him, start conversations even if they dont go anywhere, then if he doesnt ask you out, just tell him you like him!

    Once there was a girl i really liked (she had made me some paper flowers for valentines a few years ago) she was very pretty but she was a year lower than me, and i was very shy. i kept putting it off and suddenly i was in high school. ive never seen her again.

    Ask him out before its too late!

  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    I guess it might seem like a guy thing to be curious and ask those type of questions but you're obviously uncomfortable when he asks you those questions and he knows it. If he keeps this up, then he's not respecting you. If you do end up seeing up, don't do anything under pressure or do anything you feel uncomfortable with. It is okay to say no. Just remember that you do not have to tell him anything. It's none of his business and if he was a decent guy, he would respect that. You're still young so don't rush into anything with a guy.

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    we are kinf of alike..although i never talk to a girl to who am i interested in and almost always i don't achieve meeting them i think you should immediately go and talk to him even if you are really anxious without thinking of anything he will definetely respond and find it really great

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    Hey heres my advice. go for it accidently bump into him and say sumthing like "hey long time no see" then slowly move toward your goal its that easy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well send a friend to ask him if he likes you i know it sounds immature but if he says no atleast it wont hurt as bad ask him if he has a myspace or email adress

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    I know a website that can help with this kind of advice.


    Hope that helps.


  • Anonymous
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    hes not yours and its his choice... when he looks walk over and see if he has lunch the same as yours..

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