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Belief that photos steal your soul?

does anyone have any information on this belief. I've tried to google it but i just end up with photography sites or sites that mention it but don't explain it


I don't believe photos steal your soul, I'm just doing a commentary of a passage in a book where it's mentioned so I wanted some background info so I could talk about it.

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    It's part of the belief that your reflection is your soul. Mirrors, when you look into them, reflect your soul, not reflect back light that hits them.

    So with this belief, when someone died, and they were having the funeral, the mirrors were all covered, just so their soul wouldn't accidentally get trapped.

    This is also an extension of the idea that your shadow is a reflection of your soul...but I digress.

    So, if your reflection is your soul, then the camera captures your reflection, which means, it captures your soul.

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    Pictures Of Soul

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    A lot of indigenous cultures feel that way. I personally don't think it's true, because I've never been able to do a psychic reading of a photo - it's worse than having no reference at all. I have, on several occasions, though, seen photos that get weird colors in them if the person taking the photo or in the photo is about to die.

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    in the way back old days if you will look at some pics of your great grandmother or possibly grandmother depending on your age noone smiles. there was popular belief that people didn't like to take pictures and reason was because it stole your soul. which it does not but that was an old belief from way way back happy hunting

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    I don't know which religion/s believe that, but I do know its considered bad for Australian Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders to see images of those that have died. There is even a show on television (ABC) about Aboriginal Affairs, which warns that there may be images of those that have passed on, and if offended don't watch.

    I don't know the exact reasoning behind it, but I do know its offensive to them.

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    I haven't heard of this one, but I have trouble with eye to eye contact with people over the fear that they may be able to see my soul or steal it.. that may sound stupid to some, but it is a phobia I have

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    It's actually a Native American superstition. They believed that the image of you superimposed on a piece of paper, or etched on a piece of glass as it used to be done when photography was first invented, stole a piece of the soul.

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    Pictures and videos wherever you're shown carry your soul within them e.g. A snapshot of you laughing make someone else looking at your picture suddenly feel a happy/laughy feeling, this is your soul being exhumed. Even satanists use pictures of one to destroy his/her soul.

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    I have heard that, for it is felt that if it can take your image, it has taken a part of your soul with it

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    My Native American teacher from 8th grade said that it was an Indian thing.

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