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what are the main difference between Labor and Liberal Party Australia?

what are the main difference between Labor and Liberal Party Australia?

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    The Liberal party tends to focus on the economy, getting the dollar strong, saving up, and creating assets.

    The Labour party tend to focus on spending the money that Liberal has saved up, putting it back into the country (hospitals, police force, and whatever else the population wants to see more of).

    They both play their part, because the Liberals possibly neglect some of the things that people want, where as Labour may overindulge a bit and overspend, putting interest rates far too high.

    There's some fantastic reading out there. Our two main parties are very similar to americas. Most of the same rules apply. I learned most of it from comparisons of the news and this book:

  • Kinda waaaaay of the mark there...

    Labor - large government / Liberal - small government free markets

    What that means is the labor party believe in a government that collects more income through taxes, duties, and other revenue, and redistributes that revenue. Which is why there is that view that labor is for the workers and lower class, they redistribute wealth to the lower socioeconomic classes.

    Liberals believe in the opposite, which is why they are seen as the capitalists, they believe in a government that collects less revenue and leaves free markets to do what they want as they believe free markets are more efficient.

    So the statement that the ALP spends the money the LNP saves is not correct.

    During the Hawke.Keating governments the ALP moved to a neo-liberal "free market" economic policy, which is why it is said there is not a big difference between the 2 parties.

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    Labour Vs Liberal

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    Not a great deal, although they like to think so.

    The labor party was present at Federation. They grew out of the miners rebellion at the Eureka Stockade. They have always been associated with the Unions, and have been a political branch of the union organisations in australia. They tend to be financially a little less conservative when in power. They tend to go into debt, and interest rates tend to go up as a result when Labor is in power.

    The Liberals came on the scene a few decades later, I can't remember when. They have always been fairly conservative in government. They tend to cut government spending, sometimes a little too much, like what happened in Victoria under Jeff Kennett when all the teachers and nurses got sacked to cut public spending. The liberal party tends to form a coalition with the National party to form government.

    Source(s): Oxford history of Australia, I think volumes 3 and 4, or 4 and 5.
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    Labor is a left winged political party, which is a form of socalism. It focuses on helping the poor, working with unions, so that workers have fair pay and working conditions ect. They tax the rich and give to the poor basically. They are very United Nations based and give lots of money to the UN for foreign aide, also allow and accept big numbers of refugees and immigrants into the country.

    Liberal is a right winged political party, which is a form of capitalism. It focuses on business, the economy, creating jobs. Liberals give foreign aide, but smaller. They work very little with the United Nations and tend to focus more on immigrantion that will benifit the country i.e skilled migration and there refugee intake is much smaller.

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    Liberal Vs Labour

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    Right now the Labor is looking after the welfare of the people.

    Ware as the Liberals look after the welfare of Corporates Businesses The Wealthy and High Flyer's.

    That is the difference between the two.

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    They are the same as all governments if one of them gets voted in and comes up with a good idea the others diss it. Labor are for the working class and Liberal are for business.

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    Liberal is typically good with managing the economy, and is good for big business, but has not been very good for the working families.

    Labour tends to favour the working class, but has never really been able to strike a good balance between spending and saving.

    Liberal is known to save money, labour is known for spending it. Let's hope the Labour government can find a good balance between the two!

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    Labor is heavily driven by Unions and the Greens.

    They can not properly run an economy as seen by Australias political past. Whenever Labor is in power, Australia usually goes into debt, unemployment goes up and interest rates go sky high.

    Liberal are more business minded people. They can competantly handle money, grow the economy, lower unemployment and keep industry going strong without the unions/cults/dictatorships taking over.

    That is the difference in a nutshell. Many uneducated people will disagree. But you just have to look at australias past to see what the difference is and where we are now heading.

    Most accountants and economists are tipping that we will be in debt within 2-3 years.

    I can guarantee that unemployment will be at much higher levels and i can also guarantee that interest rates will be higher in one year.

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