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Have extraterrestrial beings ever visited Earth?

I'm referring to intelligent extraterrestrial beings (aliens, not micro-organisms).

There seems to be a lot of personal accounts, photographs and actual items (whether accurate or not) supporting the evidence that extraterrestrial beings have visited earth, along with ancient civilisations and records having information regarding aliens.

But there also seems to be a lot of people who completely disregard anyone who says aliens have visited earth and call them delusional or insane.

My question is - can someone please give the best explaintation they have for believing that aliens have visited earth or that aliens have not visited earth with reasoning behind your answer or opinion?

Because I really don't think THAT many people can have common physical symptoms, thoughts and experiences or them to be ALL real (it's very obvious some are hoaxes) or all of them to delusional or insane.

There must be more to it - or another explaination at least.


I'm serious about this question, and I'll be picking the starred question, so the person who gives the best reasoning behind it will probably be chosen. :)

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    UFOs passe, have been visiting the earth since the dawn of our time, that is well documented in many ancient cultures..

    The big cover-up is because of mainstream religion, you don't have to be a genius to work out why they want it covered up, do you ??...

    The Church is the biggest money institution on the planet and the government, anyone's government will do all they can to keep a lid on it, even murder people who have absolute proof..

    I am an abductee and a very out spoken one at that, all the seminars I attend, I bring up this question...

    If you had 3 questions you could ask an ET, would one of them be about religion and God ?!?!, well you can bet that question has been asked and they didn't like the answer, so to keep all the sheep grazing in their perspective paddocks they cover it up vehemently...

    I will paste an answer I have already typed as it is far too long to repeat for me as I am a very slow typist...

    I have seen perhaps 30-40 UFOs, possibly more, as I stopped counting years ago.. I saw my first UFOs through my bedroom window when I was 8 years old, they were in formation and there were between 5-7 of them, and that night changed my world forever..

    When I woke up in the morning I shot straight upright in bed and felt different somehow, and I went and informed my mother that I was no longer going to Sunday School as I no longer believed in any of it..We were not a religious family and my father had died, so that was that, I had no argument from my mother..

    Over the next X amount of years I searched for something that I believed in, and at age 13, I discovered Wicca and that felt right to me.. I tried to join a Coven, but at my age and the year being 1970, well, I was a minor and Wicca and Witchcraft was only whispered.. By age 20 I was a 3rd degree Wiccan Priest..

    Back to the UFOs, I spent many years as a Diamond Driller in the outback of Australia and I saw may unexplained things, both in the air and on the ground..In 1984 I saw a UFO on the ground, and the only reason I could see it as I was 40 feet in the air, up the mast of my Drill Rig doing a minor repair on night-shift.. I have a witness to this one as my off-sider saw it too..It would take me ages to explain all of that, so I will skip a few hours..When we knocked off at 5:00 AM, I grabbed a torch and a 6 pack of beer and went to have a look for it, and my off-sider said I was mad and no way was he coming with me..The next thing I remember is waltzing back into camp at about 11:00 AM, and I still had 5 beers left, no real memory as to where I had been for the last 6 hours, but I wanted to take the Toyota and go back and have another look, but the Boss said no, so I went to bed, that was in Sth Aust...

    About 3 months later I was Drilling in Western Aust, and I woke up about 4 -5 miles from camp on the track that lead to the homestead.. I was stark naked, no real idea where I was, and no idea of the time..I took a guess and walked off down the dirt road, with the moon high I could see OK..

    I spotted our camp at almost day-light and wandered in, much to the surprise of my work mates..

    I would like to say this, the country I was in was desert country, quite rocky and lots of spinifex, very prickley..I was unscathed, when I began my walk back to camp, I only hurt myself on the walk back, so how did I get to where I was in the first place ?? No I don't sleep walk, no drugs or beer were involved.. You see when they abduct you, you always have what we call "missing time", and they don't always put you back from where they took you...

    That is only 2 of my abductions, I am a multiple abductee, and would not have any idea as to how many times they have taken me, as you don't always remember the missing time..

    The last time they took me was about 4 months ago, as I was driving home from the City, as I still live in the bush..

    This is a first for me as far as I know, I have 4 hours missing time, and I woke up in my car parked on the side of the road on the wrong highway, to get to my town, as a matter of fact I was about 45-50 Kms from where I should have been..

    The clock in my car, was 4 hours slow and my trip meter didn't add up when I did the calculations the next day...

    The above events are true, and I have many more, and there are many I would not remember as well..

    One day I will go under hypnosis and have the last 42 years of my abductions put on tape or CD...

    I am 50 and they have taken me since I was 8, and my baby sister has confided in me, she thinks she has also been taken... Please take this seriously, they are here, and for whatever reason, they take us, millions of us share this experience, and I am not afraid of them, I don't think they mean us any harm, if they did, I think we would know by now..

    Blessed Be... )O(

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    There are trillions of stars. Do you think it is logical that of all those planets on Earth is inhabitted? It would be selfish to think so. It's like during the Middle Ages that people thought the ocean had an end, that there were sea monsters, etc. We shouldn't be prejudiced about them. It is immature to think they are diabolical. They have done no harm to us. Now, if somebody is bad that would be an Earthling. Just look at all the wars we have had and all the lawyers in the world. Remember Hiroshima, the Inquisition, and Hitler. So who is really diabolical? With a universe the size of infinity, there are all kinds of life, and there are others how have more or less technology than us. Aliens are curious about us as much as we are curious about everything, especially Mars. By the way, some aliens are covered up as Earthlings and you may have spoken to one of them.

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    I do not believe so,

    but if you ever get a chance to visit area 51 and live to tell (and are not taken over by a alien mind control device) I would certainly like to hear about it.

    If I never hear from you I will have to assume the aliens have silenced another investigator... lol.

    On the serious side, there are as many galaxies (if not more) as there are stars in our galaxy. You can not help but think there are indeed other aliens out there, but scientists are puzzled by why we have not received a message from one of their civilizations yet!!!

    Are we the only intelligent life in the universe (recent discoveries of planets around other stars is making this idea seem less and less likely).

  • Pat R
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    They might very well be here now. And the first thing they would do is post a question on a website like this one and ask if extraterrestrials have ever visited earth. Now go to bed and wait for your instructions. Use code WSRTNX681 to decipher the CBS Evening News tomorrow.

    Source(s): Just following orders
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  • Anonymous
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    To see a UFO or perceive a being of ETI (extra terrestrial intelligence) is an evolutionary development of modern man's perception. The sighting is not personal, not due to any particular merit in the man or woman seeing the object. It is simply a happening in the development of our one common terrestrial intelligence. Just as Columbus was the first person to 'discover America' so does everything have to be discovered by someone and then seen in greater detail and increasing numbers by those who follow.

    Whether it is the seeing of UFOs, beings associated with them or Columbus's sighting of America, the significance or truth behind man's normal or ordinary perception of an event is not realised by him. In other words there is something more to seeing what you're seeing which you're not realising. That is the truth. And the realisation of that is the true definition of cosmic consciousness or cosmic intelligence.

    What can be revealed must be gradual since it is determined by the individual intelligence reading this.

    Intelligence as normally regarded and applauded, such as in the brilliant scientist, lawyer or intellectual, is not (cosmically speaking) intelligence at all. It's all mindstuff; partial; an egoic awareness. It does not reveal the purpose of the whole because the ego's primary role is to ensure the survival of the organism.

    There is in fact only one intelligence and that is cosmic intelligence. This is consciousness beyond the mind.

    Cosmic intelligence sees the whole, the purpose behind all the parts and is detached from the troubled and troublesome mind.

    The first secret of UFOs is that the intelligent beings behind them, or seen with them, are 'us' in another time. We are us in a past time.

    As those of you who have seen the truth of any of the great masters will know, our whole existence is living in the past. They are us in the present. But from our enclave of living past they appear to be from an advanced time, the future.

    In truth there is no future, only the present. But the past we are psychologically entrapped in creates what appears to be the future.

    This means that any other life ever discovered in the universe - space beings - are you in another time. There is no other life in the universe, only the life that is you.

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    Not only do I believe they have..but they still are, and I think there's lots of proof they have, only the so called "men of science" close their minds to it. Yea, lets believe in this vast universe, that we are the only intelligent life, and I use intelligent lightly! Because we dont have the knowledge of space travel from planet to planet or whatever, they say it cant be done. How egotistical to think if we dont know, then no one else does either. What a croc!

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    There are no planets in our solar system that have life, and Earth is too massive to be hollow. That omits any creatures from our planet's interior or our solar system from visiting us. The nearest star to our Sun is Proxima Centauri, one of 3 in the Alpha Centauri group. It is 26,000,000,000,000 or so miles away. If a spaceship left our planet at escape velocity, it would take 106,448 years to reach Proxima Centauri plus another 106,448 years to return to earth. Forget 'warp drive' and such fantasy stuff. No spaceship can travel anywhere near the velocity of light. Its inertia increases exponentially as we reach velocities near that of light, so that one could burn the whole universe to power a ship and still never reach the speed of light. There are no known planets at Proxima Centauri, so we must go much further to find any planets that may have intelligent life. Distances are much too great for ET's to visit other planets. Such trips would take billions to googolplexes of years.

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    If the bible is accurate, there would be angels, demons, and messengers that have visited earth. Since they weren't born on earth, they would technically be intelligent extraterrestrial aliens.

    For the little green Martians that probe and abduct people, I would believe it's highly improbable.

  • Anonymous
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    I think the words" extraterrestrial-alien",has blocked the reasoning for or against the existence .

  • Anonymous
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    They came and gave birth to Tom Cruise.

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