Egyptians: do you love Egypt & why ?

Actually I am confused my self, I love Egypt like an 5 yrs old boy that loves his mother, but she is so ill & weak that can't help him & he have to take care of him self in every thing

but still he keep looking back at her with love

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I love Egypt , Egypt is like a beautiful charming bride that was forced to marry an ugly old groom and she is suffering from him as much as her children .

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well.. I've always felt that it was weird loving or hating a piece of land.. and I always associated Egypt with the few dear memories I had there, and those memories I truelly loved, but I wasnt sure about my feelings towards the country itself. I'd always thought that if I was to move some place else and have memories there I would love it equally and consider it my country. I'm still a bit confused about my identity to be honest.. I dont know what makes somebody Egyptian, French, American,... or whatever. Is it the culture? The birth place? The language? The memories?

    Thats why I never considered myself 100% Egyptian, eventhough I carry an Egyptian passport. I was greatly affected by other cultures as well. I was affected to the point that I had to learn Arabic at summer just to be able to speak it again when all the other 'normal' kids my age where fluent.

    Well back to your question, I'm sorry I was a little offtopic, or maybe I wasnt!Anyway, I discovered that I really love this country. I hate the system, I hate the attitudes of some people, I hate the choas BUT I love Egypt! I dont know how that happend but it did. I realized I felt like that when I was watching this soccer match, Egypt was playing against Sudan.I found myself supporting Egypt like a soccer fanatic and I dont even like the game! I found out that I'm supporting my country eventhough I've been to Sudan before, I've had nice memories there but something is missing..its not my country! That made me think that I was probably wrong..

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    First of all I'm not Egyptian, but I love Egypt. It's a strange attraction that grabs me toward to love it even more than my own country (India). Ok not that I hate my country and the history, I love my country. Both of these places are close to my heart. Speaking about Egypt, its a fascinating place, speaking truthfully, and I love to visit Egypt perhaps again and again and again. Hopefully, my wish will come true one day. Honestly there is so much good stuff to say about Egypt, its going to be a long list if I don't stop. Peace to everyone!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If i don't love Egypt which country i will love?????

    Iborn here my family and friends here

    Everything buttiful i lived here

    Egyptian r make Egypt ill and ather conuntry like Amirca hold Egyptian by PANFULL ARM

    We lost trust in ourselves and none do any thing for Egypt

    we should start by ourselves and be best after that we will bring the life to Egypt

    نعيب زماننا والعيب فينا وما لزماننا عيب سوانا ونهجو ذا الزمن من غير ذنب ولو نطق الزمان لنا هجانا

    see my last question and tell me r u with me or no

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  • 1 decade ago

    Dear sir , thank you I am Egyptian and I am really happy to hear that from you I love Egypt but I did not go back to Egypt 3 years ago, they took it from me and from all the Egyptian imagine a president for 27 years a very bad economic situation more than 50 % of the population are uneducated they took it from me, may be you have a mother but she is not butifull but you love her more than any other mothers that is why I love her, Egypt is my mother

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Of course I love her beyond words. I can't tell you why. It's not something you can put in words. It's like explaining why you love your mother. You can't. You just do. Even if your mother is sick or abusive, you still love her. It's strange, we as Egyptians can curse and rage at our own country, but the moment a stranger says a bad word we jump fi kirsho 3ala tool! That's what I call love.

    I'm trying real hard to remember a beautiful poem by Bairam Iltoonisy that says these same exact words, but I can't remember it right now.

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  • 1 decade ago

    يسبق كلامنا سلامنا يطوف ع السامعين


    عصفور محندق يزقزق كلام موزون و له معنى

    عن أرض سمرا

    و قمره

    و ضفه و نهر و مراكب

    و رفاق مسيره عسيره

    و صورة حشد و مواكب

    ف عيون صبيه بهيه

    عليها الكلمه و المعنى


    مصر يامه يا بهيه

    يام طرحه و جلابيه

    الزمن شاب

    وانتي شابه

    هو رايح

    و انتي جايه

    جايه فوق الصعب ماشيه

    فات عليكي ليل و ميه

    و احتمالك هو ّ هو ّ

    و ابتسامتك

    هيّ هيّ

    تضحكي للصبح يصبح

    بعد ليله و مغربيه

    تطلع الشمس تلاقيكي

    معجبانيه و صبيه

    يا بهيه


    الليل جزاير جزاير

    يمد البحر يفنيها

    و الفجر شعله ح تعلا

    و عمر الموج ما يطويها

    و الشط باين مداين

    عليها الشمس طوافه

    إيدك في إيدنا


    دي مهمة الموجه تتعافى

    بالعزم ساعه جماعه

    و بالإصرار نخطيها

    مصر يامه يا سفينه

    مهما كان البحر عاتي

    فلاحينك ملاحينك

    يزعقوا للريح يواتي

    اللي ع الدفه صنايعي

    و اللي ع المجداف زناتي

    و اللي فوق الصاري كاشف

    كل ماضي و كل آتي

    عقدتين و التالته تابته

    تركبي الموجه العفيه

    توصلي بر السلامه

    معجبانه و صبيه .. يا بهيه

    و يعود كلامنا بسلامنا

    يطوف ع الصحبه حلواني

    عصفور محني

    يغني على الافراح

    ومن تاني

    يرمي الغناوي تقاوي

    تبوس الارض تتحنى

    تفرح و تطرح و تسرح

    و ترجع تاني تتغنى

    اللي بنى مصر كان في الأصل


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  • 1 decade ago

    My feelings towards Egypt fluctuate between love and hate.

    But nowadays I must say that I do not love Egypt. I hate Egypt, because it is so hard to make a living here in Egypt.

    One can work all day long and still not be able to provide for the necesities of life. We pay huge amounts of money for taxes but we don't get the services that are provided to citizens in average countries.

    I hate Egypt because if you want to have a decent life, you have to do things that are Haram. And if you are going to stick to things that are Halal, you will end up begging on the streets.

    My situation is not that bad Al hamdullelah. However, I know people- I work with them and I am related to them- who have to struggle to live.

    So to sum it all, I hate Egypt, and I could not care less about the civilization and the history and everything because all these do not put a roof over your head at the end of the day.

    I am going to keep hating Egypt until it becomes a civilized country which provides a decent standard of living for its hard working citizens.

    W salmly 3ala "ma t2olsh eah edtna masr, 2oul 7andy eah le masr".

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  • hehehehe FelFel "Sir".


    after Ismaily's answer I found what is Egypt for me.

    Egypt is like an Ex-wife, I loved her so much but things didnt work out that well, but I didn't want to hate her, We dovorced and I left and got married to another one. But I still have respect and love from distance.

    Something like this ya3ny.

    Rabena yeb3ed 3annena the real divorce inshaallah.

    hehehehe, couldn't stop laughing at Sir Fel Fel.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes i do love it because its modern history the most and after all its my country that i live in no matter how i suffer

    but actually ppl dont act as we are victims innocent and we have nothing to do with this corruption

    well peoples +the goverment = the corruption

    but maybe there is one blamed more than the other (and u know who )

    but if you look back at the ministre or police officer or president as a child or a youth what was he raised "el baled deh neela motakhalefa mofseda mahma te3mel feeha bardo mafesh fayda yasalam 3ala betoo3 bara we gamalhom law galek forsa bara safer 3ala tool" someone like raised like that what u expect he be like a patriot man

    when we raise our children with this law "el waled yel7a2 yedala3 able maygawez we el bent shedy 3aleeha" some boy raised like that he wont be ofcourse responsible for what he do because he was raised as to be freeeee

    everything is corrupted Muslims ,youth,social life,our relations,parents,economy,................etc

    plus we dont do our duties and even say its 7aram or netal3 3yoob el donya we el akhra feeha as a reson not to do

    like army duty

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