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cooking schools?

hi. i want to culinary school but i'm a strict vegetaraian and won't eat or touch anything that has a face. what should i do?

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  • Angie
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    You are faced with a dilemma. Culinary school is going to require to you learn to cook all different types of food. And the only way you learn is by eating your creations. I know, as my son is currently going to a culinary school. Unless you can find a culinary institute that is totally vegetarian, I don't think you will be successful going to school for this. Now that doesn't mean that you can't become a vegetarian cook -- sometimes practical experience is just as important than schooling. But you may find it to be a more difficult path.

  • PatV
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    Setting parameters is a good thing, but you have to be willing to pay your debt.

    Search cooking schools in large cities (L.A., Seattle, New York) and look specifically for classes with your specifications. Once you have an idea of what's out there, then narrow down your scope to your locale.

    Consider apprenticeship with local vegan restaurant. Also start as a waitress, get to know the food/customers.

    Are you a team player? Take direction well? Quick study? Being a professional cook isn't just about the recipes, you have to work hard in a fast moving, dangerous environment.

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    I went to varsity and then I went to culinary college. i'm satisfied I did it that for some motives. i bypass to the artwork Institute of Washington and this is extra of a commerce college than a school. I went to a extensive public college with a nationally ranked basketball and soccer college, lived interior the dorms, did truly some widespread college issues, highway journeys, extensive library, and so on. that i haven't considered in any respect in culinary college. No activities, and no "actual golf equipment", no frats or sororities (i did no longer connect one, even nevertheless this is nonetheless an adventure), no actual campus (we are located interior the perfect of a pre latest workplace construction (different artwork Institute have diverse campus types). So for me, i'm satisfied I have been given the "actual" college adventure. additionally classification scheduling is plenty diverse in culinary college than widespread college. Culinary colleges are on quarters or block scheduling. the terrific college is the CIA in long island. It has the terrific popularity and this is the MIT of culinary colleges, i think of you choose 6 months adventure to get in, so consistent with threat do a semester at classic college, take and English or math and flow those credit in and artwork interior the industry. i think of you're able to do the two, you choose the two reviews.

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