Got in my 2003 GMC Serria Exteneded Cad truck Saturday morning and heard a bad knocking as if no oil, checked?

Got in my 2003 GMC Serria Exteneded Cad truck Saturday morning and heard a bad knocking as if no oil, checked oil about a quart low,put in oil and ran as usual. Got in this morning to drive to work and knocking was as bad as every. Oil pressure betwee 40-60. Am I in trouble

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    You need a mechanic ASAP! And while you are at it, you need a hug.

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    It certainly sounds like it yes. The first sign of course is the knocking, the second if you were a quart low to begin with...meaning the engine is burning oil.

    It's hard to make a more precise diagnosis without knowing the mileage on the truck or whether it's been used to haul. If it's getting up there in mileage and has been used heavily chances are you're experiencing some rod bearing wear and knock. This will eventually cause all sorts of internal problems, egging the camshaft and potentially causing a piston rod to break.

    It's unfortunate when this happens but can be resolved. You most likely need a bottom end rebuild, meaning the motor is pulled (sometimes it's done while in the vehicle), the crank is turned, new rod bearings and main bearings are installed (oversize) and you're back on the road.

    If this just started you can choose to correct it now at a much lower cost or continue to drive it and cause damage to many other internal components making a rebuild nearly impossible.

    This is the most common could be experiencing a multitude of other problems includind a failing oil pump, clogged oil passageways, stuck valve, etc. The above however is found to be the case 80% of the time on this truck.

    Take it in ASAP for a compression test/diagnosis. A $1000 repair now or a motor swap in several's your choice!

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): After Hours Automotive - (User Owned Restoration Shop)
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    alright i had a mazda not too long ago that had the same noise coming from near the front of it as if like you said there was no oil i checked and found nothing wrong there. i jacked it up and out of the corner of my eye right next to where the tire is there will be some bushings going to the shocks it was causing my shocks to jump out of the cylinder (it had air shocks) check on your truck for the bushings mine were corroded away to almost nil if that isnt the problem the take it straight to a mechanic to get its diagnostics checked

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    you may want to take it to a gmc dealership or a trusted mechanic and have them inspect your vehicle. my friend has an 03 gmc sierra that gives him the same problem and his has a problem with the transmission.. i would definately have it looked at

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    you might have a rod in the engine that is going bad

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