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saggy belly and muffin top effect, best way to get rid of it.?

Ok, i had my third baby 7 weeks ago, am 5ft 9in, weigh approx 125lbs and am 27 years old. My belly is quite saggy still, i know, give it time, and im working on it. But i have pockets of fat above my hips at the back, and being fairly slim, it looks terrible. I know that after 3 kids i shouldnt expect my body to go straight back to shape, but i want to get a head start on it. Its my body shape to have these pockets, my mother has them and she has never been able to get rid of them. Any body have any suggestions on the best way to at least minimise these spots as best i can, my diets good, and i walk daily, have just started doing crunches again and cardio, but how to tone lower back?


I just dont have the time or resources for the recovery time for lipo or surgery, all 3 kids are aged under 5 years old, 3 boys full of energy.

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    There are some things you just can't change with diet and exercise alone. If you can afford it (and they have payment plans ;)) I would get a tummy tuck and lipo, you will look like a 27 year old again, after 3 kids you deserve it!

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