Best available porn removal software?

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need software to remove specific porn traces/history on my computer
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you can do that yourself
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  • illusion_of_power17 answered 6 years ago
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  • Helping Since 1969 answered 6 years ago
    just get and run ccleaner.
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  • Somnus answered 6 years ago
    There is a program:
    Internet History Eraser

    * Erase IE, Netscape, AOL, Opera's location bar history list
    * Erase IE, Netscape, AOL, Opera's Cookies
    * Erase Internet cache (temporary Internet files)
    * Erase Internet history files
    * Erase Internet search history
    * Erase autocomplete history
    * Erase IE plugins (selectable)
    * Clean index.dat file
    * Erase start menu run history
    * Erase start menu search history
    * Erase windows temp files
    * Erase open/save dialog box history
    * Empty recycle bin
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  • answered 6 years ago
    Best way is Use kaspersky Scurity
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  • Shelly answered 6 years ago
    Delete your cookies and temp files. Easiest (free) way to do it. If you are using internet explorer, click on tools> internet options> delete cookies/temp files for IE6. For IE7 click tools> internet options> delete browsing history. ALSO....try going to, Adaware will remove spyware, and trendmicro will remove spyware/viruses. Those are both free websites! Good luck!
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  • Imperative answered 6 years ago
    I can make you a customized batch file that will remove any trace of you ever even knowing what porn is.

    What OS (Operating System) are you running?

    I.E. Windows XP, Vista, etc.
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  • Playa P'z answered 6 years ago
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  • Peter K answered 6 years ago
    The only way is to send me your hard disk and I'll check it very thoroughly for you.
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