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Losing Weight During The Winter?

I am 17 and weigh about 145, up from 130. I go to school so I don't have a lot of time for exercise, I was wondering, what are some good exercises I can do that won't take me hours to preform? I walked for a few months and got down to 115 and stayed at that weight for a few months before creeping back to 130, but it's winter now and way to cold and slushy for me to go walking. So what can I do to make myself healthier? I'm not so much concerned about weight as I am about my health, I know I don't get nearly enough exercise. I hated the gym and wanted to strangle myself. So what can I do without having to buy special equipment? Anything else I should do?


I wear a size 5/6 Jeans, though I don't know if that matters any. And I'm not like, squeezed into them or anything either.

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    You could also dance to your favorite music. I used to do that all the time. It helped me work out all areas of my body. Plus you don't have to be a great dancer! Just do what comes natural. Not only will you get into shape you will become a better dancer.


    The person above me who mentioned cross country skiing made me remember how in shape I got when I did that. I was your age and went from a size 14 to a 7/8! I just did the skiing over the weekend. The rentals were cheap too. My Dad and I taught ourselves how to ski by trial and error.

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  • If you have stairs at your house it would be great exercise if you could just run up and down them. Or you can get a friend to make a 3 time a week commitment to do pilates or yoga with you. The dvds are very cheap now and if you have someone to do it with you then you can motivate each other and you won't be as tempted to quit. Or even if you have a friend that would like to lose about 10 lbs also you can make a contest to see who loses it the fastest. Does your school have a track in it's gym facilites? Mine had a small indoor track we would use in the winter.

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    Exercising in the cold is entirely different than exercising in the warm winter months. There are some ways you can make is easier on yourself. You can warm up inside by stretching, doing push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks. When you start to get hot, that's the perfect time to take a quick jog or to get into your car and drive to the gym. Stretching is very important in the cold months as your muscles are very rigid from the low temperatures. Stretching will greatly reduce injuries.

    Guide to Exercising in the Cold, Winter Months - http://straighthealth.com/pages/guides/exercisecol...

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    actually there is something you can do without having to freeze your buns off. i bought a walking video from wal-mart for like $13 dollars that came with the resistance bands. it's the same thing as walking outside or on a treadmill. actually you probably get a better workout because you don't just walk but you do different aerobic exercises.

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  • hit a local gym. eat healthier. do about 100 sit ups each nite(since ur a girl, im sure u dont wanna really get into pushups) but if u do, thats great! do about 50 of those and no more junk food!!!:)

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    Do not use the cold or slush as an excuse. Many people run and walk in the snow and cold. Buy a good pair of boots. Try cross country skiing, ice skate, hockey, basketball, volleyball, anything! but please don't wine about the cold.

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