I have green tree frogs in my toilet that I have been putting in the garden -?

I would like to know what I could put in the garden that would keep them safe from preditors - I have lace monitors -cats etc visiting - I have a pond a few rocks -the garden is small and has not developed yet so I am hoping someone out there will have some experience in this matter.


I live in broome w.a. australia -thats in the kimberlys just beautiful - everyone has frogs in there toilet up here or nearly you probably don't if you throw chemicals into the water - I am not sure whether I should leave them in the loo or take them out - it is wet season here now and they will want to mate but that is another answer I need to know.

Update 2:

This is what I think but I am guessing - when they are small they leave the pond and get into the drain through the grate - they are protected there and all sorts of insects find their way down the drain - apparently they grow quickley so they would never get back through the grate so they must find their way up through the drains looking for a way out now they are ready to mate - they probably follow the light - must remember to close the toilet lid - now for the pooey bit - they get right up under the lip of the bowl and you haven't a clue they are there until you flush - then they hold on for grim death their little legs scrambling against the force of the water - I am pleased to say I have not seen one lose the battle and land in the poo

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    I've been to Australia so I'm not at all surprised you have tree frogs in your loo. Like you said, it's mating season. A time when frogs that might otherwise stay safely in their wet bark nooks up trees must venture forth in hopes if finding a suitable mate and a place to lay their eggs. Those frogs can smell water from a ways away and inevitably make their way towards it.

    If you are interested in creating a nice safe place for them you could plant some big cavernous water-loving plants near you small pond. This would provide places for them to hide as well as provide the moist climate they like. They love plants like calla lilies, cannas and phellodendrons. If you could grow a hardy banana tree they would also love that.

    They are good at hiding, so the key is just to provide them with places to do that. While you are waiting for plants to grow, you could put a rock hanging over the edge of the pond so they could hide from predators while in the water. Things like broken terracotta pots in their side with some moist bark or moss in them are also ideal places to hide close to the ground. If you have a nearby tree or bush, you could strap a pouch of wet moss to its trunk.

    Creating a nice habitat for them will keep them happy but I can't guarantee they won't still wander into your toilet once in a while.

    Best of luck to you!

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    Keeping Green Tree Frogs

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    same thing in Florida, I just took one outside.

    I don't understand how they came in, must be thru the septic tank?

    quite the jumpers, used a towel, and he still squealed when I picked him up....lol

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    We have these beauties too. Ours climb in through the bathroom windows and find the shower cubicle irresistible. We have to shake them out of the shower curtains when we shower - fantastic colours .. have to be seen to be appreciated. We just collect them and put them in the bush out of harm's way but they always come back. I have just accepted my tree frogs as part of my property deal .. they were there first and I just have to respect that. They are harmless so why bother to try to make the house frog proof. As for predators - my cat cannot climb a smooth tiled wall and the adders have a similar problem. They know that they are safe in my home... that is why they come back every season.

    Love your toads and frogs... they do a good job.

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    I'm still failing to understand. Do these frogs somehow travel through your pipes and up into your toilet on their own, or does everyone in Australia randomly put tree frogs in their toilet by choice?

    What do you do when you have to take a crap?

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    Where do you live that tree frogs, so readily get in you toilet? Don't worry about predators, that is part of the "circle of life".

  • 5 years ago

    lol a frog jumps in to your toilet ?

  • 1 decade ago

    my daughter says for your kids to quit bringing the frogs into the house to the loo!!!

    are the green tree frogs an endangered species??

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    scoop them out of the toilet and setthem on a proper tree branch .. they will thank you

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    speaking as a predator; i would touch a frog that's been in your toilet.

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