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Marking emails as "Spam": Does it keep it from reappearing?

We all get junk email. I make a point to mark the ads as spam, but what does this do exactly? I thought it would keep them out of my mailbox, but I keep getting them.

Aside from opening each advertisement and "unsubscribing", what am I doing wrong!?

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    It usually will block that particular email, but spam email usually changes email address so it can't catch it everytime. DO NOT OPEN THE ADVERTISEMENT AND CHOOSE UNSUBSCRIBE. It's just their way to make sure its hitting a live email address and you will get more spam.

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    No! The same e-mail sites keep sending after I mark them as spam. I get usually about 30 e-mails that have marked as spam each day. When my spam box gets above 500, I empty it. About once a week.

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    You're doing nothing wrong. Spammers change their e-mail addresses like we change our underwear. You will always get the same type of spam since the spamblocker essentially blocks e-mails from that address then reports them to your e-mail provider so that they can improve their spam filters. Keep hitting that "Spam" button. It helps us all!

    Also, never open a suspicious e-mail, hit that spam button! Never click on anything if you do open a spam. That's how they get your info! And also how your computer can get a virus.

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    No, it doesn't keep them from re-appearing, but if you mark them as spam, then your computer knows them to be spam, and if there's a next time they should get put automatically into your spam folder. Also, you could forward the e-mail to the abuse dept of the isp of the sender. For example, if you got an e-mail from "" (don't you wish it was that easy?) you could forward the e-mail to

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    no necessaryy, you sometimes have to declare this email to be spam so it is always spam, and if you get junk you should unsubscribe it helps a lot.. but yahoo emails always recieve a lot of spam , others really dont.

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    With my experience on Yahoo, no. But thats not to say that Yahoo's spam blocker from e-mail is useless. It does get rid of a lot but it simply can't get rid of everything. I wonder of they wouold try harder if you got of the plans where you pay. But otherwise, theres not much you can do but delete them. Good Luck and try to be patient. I feel your pain and extreme agitation.

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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but not only does everyone on Yahoo already know, your last girlfriend contacted the Canadian Department of Men's Health and asked for help. National Health Care at its finest.

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    it will definitely not show up as that email address, but it still might get through by a different email. If u block it, it will just go into your trash or bulk folder.

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    if u mark it as spam it will go 2 your spam folder i think

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    Probably going to sites your mum warned you about.

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