How do you delete songs and things off your ipod nano?

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I need your help. I have hardly anymore space on my ipod and I need to delete things off it. How do you delete things off your ipod?
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  • Cesar answered 6 years ago
If you currently have everything syncing from your computer to you iPod, then you can uncheck the things you don't want to move over in iTunes. Make sure to check the option for "sync only checked items" in the nano's settings in iTunes.

The best way to manage music when you have a larger music collection than your iPod can hold is to set up a playlist with the songs you want on the iPod. You'll have to tell the iPod (in the iTunes settings) to sync to this playlist and not the entire iTunes music library.


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Thanks for helping me! Now my ipod is more organised!
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  • macbarbie ♥ answered 6 years ago
    you need to go to the summary tab ... it should look like this..
    make sure the "manually manage music and videos" is checked... then go to your music and delete the ones you dont want. and as in for pictures, you need to delete the pictures from the folder they're saved in and sync your ipod and you're good!
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  • Madhoo Palaka answered 6 years ago
    Plug in your iPod and then when iTunes opens,highlight the song and right click and click on "Delete" or just highlight it and click the delete button on your keyboard.
    You can do the same for any iPod,not just Nano.
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  • Hartford Whalers answered 6 years ago
    Open up ITunes. When in Itunes un-check all the songs/movies/things that you no longer want on the IPod. Then sync it. Everything that you un-checked will be removed from your IPod but will stay in ITunes. If you ever want to put them back on all you got to do is check them again. Good Luck
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  • mad dawg answered 6 years ago
    go into your itunes on your computer and highlight the song and then hit DELETE
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  • globe307 answered 6 years ago
    Highlight the song from your iPod and hit delete.
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