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Remaining vegetarian in culinary school?

Is it possible to remain vegetarian in standard culinary school? If not, how difficult is it to find work when you've only trained in vegetarian cooking?

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    My guess would that in order to be successful, you would have to taste your creations in school. How else could you truly understand the nuances of good food versus great food? That doesn't mean you have to consume an entire meal, but tasting while they're cooking is something that many chefs do to ensure that all the flavors are just right.

    The restaurant industry is very demanding and unforgiving. If you were only trained in vegetarian cooking, you may have a difficult time finding a job in a conventional restaurant unless they're big enough to have vegetarian specialist. Most restaurants want cooks that are flexible and can cook everything well.

    Good luck to you.

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  • Dart
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    Check out: Natural Gourmet Cooking School in New York City,NY

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    As a former chef from Canada and having been in the trade when I worked for over 30 years, the baking and Pastry training will not involve much if any meat in the work, lard is from pigs but is used very rarely, you would work with butter, shortening, eggs, milk and other foods, meat pies are made but again your not required to eat them and schools now require the students you use vinyl or latex gloves in class.

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    you'd need to find a school that specializes in vegetarian or vegan cuisines or offers a program specific to that...

    for other dishes, how will you know what they taste like, what they need for flavoring and to be sure they are what they should be in taste if you're unable to taste dishes you're preparing?

    When I did my training and internship, there are things that I don't normally eat, but I did so I knew what they were supposed to taste like so I could prepare them properly.

    Finding work depends where you're located... in my general area, the demand for vegan and vegetarian options is higher than other locales.. however, I don't see as high a demand in a non metropolitan area

    Source(s): just my opinions
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    You need to be able to taste foods, so i know people who are great chefs but cook meat and are vegetarians themselves. They taste, but don't eat.

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