What do you think of Egypt & Egyptians , this is a serious question :) ?

Hi to all my great friends ,

I want your true feelings about Egypt and Egyptians ?

And would you like to visit Egypt in the future?

And How can you see the relations between your Country and Egypt?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well my family and I went there recently to see the pyramids, temples, tombs, cruise the nile, etc. We all agreed it really really was beautiful - the nile in particular was gorgeous. The people made me laugh - they are very easy to talk to and they love to make jokes...even when we first stepped on the plane with all the egyptians going to Cairo it sounded like a there was a party going on because of everyone being happy lol. We met everyone - in the touristy places and outside in the smaller towns and they were all very nice.

    Only problem to be honest is that there are sooo many egyptians (65 million or so, or more i believe) and therefore u can get many poor people...which is sad really. And u get a few beggars here and there - but even the normal people around u will tell u to hang on to ur bags! I expected to see more but I think it depends which parts of Egypt u go to. I think it would be much better for them if they had more opportunities to study/work etc but this applies to many many places in the world.

    But...I loved Egypt and loved the Egyptians and hopefully will go and visit again someday!

    Relations between Lebanon and Egypt...don't know about political etc. but for now we share the same type of music! :D

    Source(s): been there and loved it.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well Reiko, I've never been to Egypt so what I know about it is what we see in the media and yes I definitely would like to visit one day the land that has seen the birth of so many civilizations.

    About the Egyptians, I have a very close Egyptian friend here and I love her dearly, but the truth is that you, Hasafer, Kalooka, Farah, Ouffa and all the other occasional visitors have been such nice people that you have made the best ambassadors to your country.

    So if the rest of the Egyptians are half as funny / good spirited / good hearted all over nice people I'm sold.

    As for the relations between the 2 countries, I think that artistically we are doing great and exchanging artists very successfully.

    As for politically, we are in such a mess for the moment we'd better fix our internal relationships before looking at the external ones.

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  • 1 decade ago

    hi Reiko

    well the first thing that comes to mind when i hear of Egypt, is the pyramids and the Nile river. but i was reading about it and i found its a great place for a vacation. Anyways i believe all people from the middle east are good people so I'm going to that region of the world sooner then i taught but i will make sure i go to Egypt! well i really don't know if Mexico and Egypt have bad relations but i know that my country is willing to make friends with any nation. i hope that answers the question.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Egyptians are interesting people.I have two customers from Egypt that come through my line at work.And yes I would like to see Egypt someday.Especially the pyramids.I don't know how to answer the last question but i'm sure we can all get along if we make an effort.

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  • Josie
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    1 decade ago

    Hey there my dear... so... seriously answering; I have learned to like and respect people from Egypt since coming in contact with them on line, either through Skype, Yahoo or whatever means. I did have some misconceived ideas about them before. Now I can say I admire them. Got a couple friends in Cairo and even got to hear one´s voice last night in Messenger, so cute his accent & another very sweet friend in Alexandria ...

    I have been invited to visit there and yes, of course, I would like that very much. I watched a program about in the past and it made want to go there.

    I don´t know much about the relations between our countries but I am inclined to believe they are good as I know they import many things from here and they love our people too.

    If God allows me to go there, be sure to expect my visit and likewise, if you ever set your foot in our country do not forget to pay us a visit. We´ll be expecting you! Take care nice Egyptian friend ...

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  • as you know Im from America, and I have many freinds from Egypt here ! One of my good freind Ali just opened a store here with his family (The Dollar Store) where every thing is a dollar!

    and they are starting to make a very good liveing! I am trying to learn the language but is so hard !I know some.

    My freind Mohammad, has his wife and little son here and is doing good but he misses Egypt very much !his mother and father and brother are in Egypt.Alot of my other freinds have moved to other states or back to Egypt! I have never been there but Mohammad told me he will take me there one day and visit all the wonderful places in Egypt! I hope it will happen! you may see that I have American indian blood

    cherokee )and Im german ,and some Italian! But the Indian part of me is looked down in America! and that hurts!

    But I must say alot of people here are learning of your culture and its comeing from the Egyptian People which is far better than from a book or tv! I hope and pray that America and Egypt can be freinds forever! Peace !

    Source(s): Webby I give you a hands up!
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  • 1 decade ago

    Umm where to start!!

    They are very friendly people..I don't remember that much!!

    I think I visited Egypt twice I've been to Cairo in Ramadan it was amazing the atmosphere was there.. I would love to go again in Ramadan. I went to Sharm El-Shaikh twice it's like Europe. The relationship between the 2 countries is very good we have allot of Egyptians (Families, Doctors, Teachers etc..)

    so u guys are welcomed =)

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  • .
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    1 decade ago

    I like the Egyptians,they're very self confident,and i would love to visit Egypt one day cuz i know its a beautiful country!!

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  • HG
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    1 decade ago

    e7eeeeeeeeeem....lol no i'm joking..

    i won't tell you Mmmmmmmmm

    cause it doesn't need thinking ;)

    well i love egypt and started liking it since we learned about the pharoes and old egyptian history in G10...

    and i think egyptians are funny...as golden angel said "mahdumeeeeeeeen"

    egyptian guys seem to flirt a lot =P

    great people...great place with historical sites that i would looooove to visit.

    regarding the relations between lebanon and egypt...

    i know nothing about it...only that i don't like Amr Mussa...

    other than that ...don't bother asking.

    but i believe we've got something in common which is "politics SUCKS"

    love yaaaaaaa

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    of egypt:i've never been there but seeing just photos it sounds great visiting it,but not stay there for a long time,maybe their world is a little different from ours with strange rules and this kind of things anyway i think its a little bit hard to be used living in their own way,of egyptians:i have chat with an egyptian and i think that they are good peoples with a tradition and a history,and its great talking with them becouse its too much easy,i mean they are friendly(the once that i knew was so,if all the others are like him its ok)

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