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what percentage of white south africans speak afrikaans or english?

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    60% of white South Africans speak Afrikaans as their first language, and 2.6 million claim to have a high level of fluency in Afrikaans, however many whites do speak it as their second language.

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    Nearly all South Africans speak English. A lot speak Afrikaans.

    You will have no problems with English.

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    on wiki it says majority of white south africans speak afrikaans


    "It is spoken not only by a majority of whites but also by about 90 percent of Coloured (multiracial) people in the country. Afrikaans is also spoken widely across the centre and north of the country, as a second (or third or even fourth) language by Black South Africans living in farming areas." Wikipedia

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    I grew up in SA through fact the the toddler of Mozambicans (Portuguese) dad and mom. We have been welcome by applying the English however the Afrikaans looked as though it would see us as 2nd type electorate. They looked as though it would think of (incorrectly) that they have been better to us. as a consequence I grew up English into the society that i grew to become into welcomed into (even regardless of the indisputable fact that I went to a bi-lingual college). i would not say that the Afrikaans and African community dislike/mistrust the English any further than they dislike/mistrust one yet another. in recent times i might say we get alongside extra helpful than ever.

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    Almost ALL South Africans SURPRISINGLY Speak English ! ! !

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    The 2006 midyear estimated figures for the other categories were Black African at 79.5%, White at 9.2%, Coloured at 8.9%, and Indian or Asian at 2.5%.

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    100% of them speak english.yes, all of them speak english

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