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can a 15 year old girl have breast cancer?

i'm really scared.. sometimes a dark spot appears on my right areola and i'm really nervous about it.

i'm afraid to tell my mom because she freaks out a lot and will assume that it is probably breast cancer. i'm scared to go to the gyno because it might be something bad...

i'm 15.. is it possible for me to have breast cancer?


if it is just an infection, can it be treated with antibiotics or something? not surgery?

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    Anything is possible in this world BUT I've never heard of a 15 year old having BC!

    I also never heard of BC symptoms being a dark spot that comes and goes.

    Really, go to or another BC website and look up symptoms.

    I am a BC survivor and know of no one with that as a symptom.

    I don't think your mom will think breast cancer when you tell her. And she would feel much better if you confide in her with your problems.

    My husband used to have a disappearing mole btw--it would come and go and finally left for good. But, you know, a doctor can give a quick look and more than likely tell you it's nothing to worry over.

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    Its pretty rare for someone your age to have breast cancer. My mom is a doctor and i asked her if it was possible because a friend of mine had to get checked for breast cancer (because her little sister passed away from cancer and they wanted to make sure she didnt) So it should be unlikely. Though if you still feel uncomfortable just tell your mom! The worst thing that can happen is that she takes you to the doctor :]

  • Nancy
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    Probably not breast cancer, but you should get checked by a gynecologist. If you don't have insurance call the public health department and ask about free or low cost clinics. You could also have your school nurse look at it.

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    As a person who has breast cancer it's very very rare to have breast cancer at your age!!! Please go to your doctor to make sure that you don't have an infection so that you can be treated if you do. Not going to the doctor can make the problem a lot worse when you do go if it is serious. I would rather catch something while it;s treatable than when it's not.

    FYI breast cancer if very treatable if caught early. I know I caught mine early.

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    you should go to the may be nothing or may be someting, wouldnt you want to catch it while its just developing? Sometimes things are normal, you should just get it checked, and to answer your question the youngest ive ever heard of someone getting breast cancer is 19 years old, so anything is possible, but dont freak out just yet ok? Just get it checked and just keep your head together! Take care

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    Spots that come and go aren't cancer. You'd need a hard lump IN the breast to have worry. It's probably your natural coloration.

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    You should go to the doctor. Chances are, it's nothing. But on the off-chance that it is something, it would be a lot better to find out now and fix it then to wait until it is too late.

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    I'm 13 years old. Please don't worry because it's probably only a lump which is non-cancerous. It's filled with white liquid. It's extremely rare to have cancer at such a young age. Relax =] Hope this helps!

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    if your scared have it checked out so you can really find out what it is but it really probably isnt cancer like everyone else said but get it checked to be relieved.

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    I doubt that it is... but you should check with your doctor to make sure. you mom might freak, but it's worth it :-)

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