Burning DVD movies with Vista?

I have Clone DVD on my Computer. I am able to rip dvds with the program, but It rips them as .VOB files. I try to burn this using Windows DVD maker and it doesn't recognize the files. How can I burn these files on a DVD so that I can view them in my DVD player? Nero wouldn't burn them so I could view them as a movie on my DVD player either. Do I need to convert them? Or am I doing something else wrong?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well if all you're trying to do is make a copy of a movie, then I suggest you try DVD Shrink. It can make exact copies, fit to whatever size DVD±R you're using, or you can choose to leave out the menus, special features, commentary, etc, if you want.

  • pike
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    3 years ago

    certainly, action picture Maker isn't the main compliant video modifying equipment on the marketplace. It does a respectable interest, yet there are greater powerful kit for the patron. besides...first be sure you're utilising a DVD-R - DVD+R generally paintings in domicile DVD instruments, yet they do no longer seem to be technically e book compliant. additionally - and that i do no longer understand if MovieMaker has this placing or no longer - making particular the disc is burned to DVD-Video e book compliance will help (this would paintings even once you're burning to a DVD+R). returned, i do no longer understand if MovieMaker has any placing like that - i'm certainly assuming it does not. One final ingredient you're able to do is burn the disc at a slower velocity. that doesn't continuously help, even though it won't be able to break.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    use roxio!!

    it comes w/ vista. it's really good.

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