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Poll: Do you ever hear a song on the radio that ...... ?

reminds you of someone or something?

Every time I hear "Hey There Delilah" I think of Sour Girl .... because she posted a Q. on New Yrs. eve ... about her husband serenading it to her .... and it still cracks me up each time I hear that song.

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    "Highway to Hell" is our unofficial song. We heard it at a Billy Joel concert (Bart the roadie sang it with BJs band) and it was instantly our song.

    Every time I hear, "Walking on Sunshine" it reminds me a guy I dated back in the day. His last name was Sunshine - and I teased him tirelessly with the song....


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    Do you really want to hurt me by Boy George.

    I think about an ex boyfriend. And yes at the time I did want to hut him because he cheated and I caught him.

    Or Don't Worry be Happy by Bobby McPheron (sp?)

    This is the song that was playing when I got my first speeding ticket. LOL!!

    Little Person.

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    I hear so many songs that remind me of lots of things and people..

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    Yes, a lot of songs do that for me. Nearly everything in my life seems to have a song that goes with it :)

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    I heard "I Used to Love Her" by Guns N' Roses this morning, and that always makes me think of the wifey. That probably sounds bad and all, but she loves it, I promise.

    Vertically-challenged. I'm PC.

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    lots of songs remind me of things. i think everyone has a sort of sound track to their

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    Thorn in my side - Eurythmics, reminds me of my ex


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    anytime i EVER here some queer asssed hair band i think of cubby


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