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Is it possible to euthanize a dog, using sleeping pills sold for human use?

My old dog is suffering, not eating and has lost a lot of weight.

She is breathing heavily and can't get up without help.

I would much prefer to have her go to sleep at home with the family at her side. She is terrified of the vet's office, and I hate

to have her last moments be full of stress.

Has anyone tried sleeping pills to euthanize a pet?

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    that is very creul, letting her suffer is cruel. see if the vet will put her down in your home. don't make her od. it don't feel good to ppl, it won't feel good to the dog. be humane, please, i had to put down my first dog last year, i know it hurts. if you need somebody to talk to e-mail me.

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    I wouldn't recommend this at all, because meds, whether for dogs or humans, can cause a lot of suffering and your dog could get violently ill and be a whole lot sicker and more stressed out.

    Maybe you could call the SPCA and see if they know of a Vet that does home visits for this. I can certainly understand your wanting your pet to be in her own home.

    I had to have my GSD euthanized due to severe recurring illness that was terminal and I did take her to the Vet's office, but she was familiar with that Vet and we held her in our arms when she was injected. She went very quickly and there was no pain at all. We were given the space to grieve in the office. It is a very hard thing to do, to let your dog go. You don't want it to be painful though, and you do want it to be done with a Vet that is sensitive to the family's needs. I hope you can find something that will meet your needs for yourself and your dog. So sorry to hear she is so sick.

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    this is a legitimate concern - i'm not sure the vet will be able by law to give you a straight answer because poisoning a dog is animal creulty in most states and technically this would qualify- you don't know what reaction human sleeping pills will have on a dog and it may end up being traumatic - i would let the vet know your concern - perhaps you can work something out.


    a house call or tammy c's idea is the way to go - don't try to O.D. your dog.

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    Unless any of you know what it's like to have a dog suffer like that you have no idea what it takes to sit at a vets office waiting to have your pet put to sleep. My first dog, my best friend in the entire world, lost all movement in his body, had no control over bodily functions... Don't even try to judge this person for asking that. It is not cruel to want to help your dog. An odd way to do it, but do NOT pass judgment on them. I do agree with the fact of trying to get your vet to come out to euthanize her, don't give her pills. The side-effects that occur before death could be really scary. I am so sorry for what you are going through, but I can relate.

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    It sounds like you have her interest at heart but are going about it the wrong way. Dogs don't take pills easily. You'd be shoving them down her throat and hoping she'd swallow. Worst case scenario, she gets sick and throws them up and is wobbly and tired. Best case you end up with a dog that sleeps for a long time or has permanent brain damage.

    Owners are not meant to get rid of their pets by themselves, especially not with human medications. Contact your vet and have him bring the euthanasia with him to your home. In cases like yours, most will make house calls. It eases the dogs pain and yours and your dog will go easier than at the vets office.

    DO NOT use sleeping pills, you will only make her life worse than it is.

    Call your vet. Your dog is suffering needlessly and needs to be let go. Do it the right way, via euthanasia. It's more humane and less stressful than anything else you could do.

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    I don't think it would work,or it would put the dog in a coma and take a long time.What you could do is give her one before you take her to the vet,so she will be very relaxed,and not afraid,or ask your vet for a tranquilizer to give to her before the appointment.I just had one of my dogs put down last month,she was 14 and had kidney failure.I gave her 10 mg. Valium about an hour before the appointment,and she went so peacefully,didn't even make a sound as I held her for the last time. I'm very sorry about your dog.

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    The vet can come to your home and euthanize the dog easy with the correct medicine. She won't be stressed because the serum they use relaxes them and they let go easy. Sleeping pills could cause something to go wrong leaving your dog in more pain and then eventually dieing. Do it right.

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    First of all, I commend your loyalty to your dog. I would not try human sleeping pills on your dog. You could be doing more harm. Many vets will come to your home to euthanize. You should make some phone calls. Personally, I would not try to do it yourself. Especially if you don't do it right, you could add alot of sufering to your pet. My symathies are with you.

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    Have you lost your mind?!!!! Do NOT give the dog sleeping pills! He could have an allegric reaction. Or for that matter a Heart Attack! Pills that we get are for PEOPLE Not Animals!!!

    Yes the Vets office can be a stressful situation. But if you are there your pet will be at ease.

    Check around for Vet's that will come to your house it may cost a little more but obviously your dog is worth it to you. Loving him as you do you would not want to make his death painful and hard as giving him sleeping pills might.

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    My heart goes out to you. I have been in a similiar siuation with my dog. However,I don't think you should do this on your own though. Your not a vet or a vet tech. Please take her to the veternarian you, and the rest of the family can be there and say your goodbyes if you request you can be there and hold her in your arms while she dies. It's hard and heartbreaking,I know because my cat died in my arms, but at least you are comforted in the knoweldge that you were there for her when she needed you the most.

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    My heart goes out to you and you have my respect for thinking of your pets needs. I didn't want my dogs last experience to be in a place she feared and I thought that giving her 3 ambien would just help her to go to sleep peacefuly. It haunts me to this day. She fell asleep for about an hour and suddenly she awakened struggling to breathe. She was foaming at the mouth and reeling around the room, falling. I immediately realized my mistake. I struggled to pick her 30 lb. body up and get her to the car. I finally got her to my vets office and was so hysterical that I could only sob out the words euthanasia. They gave her an injection in her hip to relax her and in 3 minutes they put a needle in her leg vein and she was gone before the needle left her body.

    I regret not asking my vet before I did what I did more than anything I've ever done. I can't believe I was so ignorant. All medications designed for people don't react the same in an animal. PLEASE, don't subject your precious pet to anymore misery than she is already in.

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