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I have a Honda XL185,1993 model that keeps blowing head and tail lights.?

This is a 6v system, The stop and tail light is one bulb and it always only blows the tail light. The head light has two bulbs, one for low beam and one for high beam and it blows both of them.When I replace the bulbs they work when I start the bike but blow as soon as the bike revs to about 2000 to 2500rpm. Any advice would be great Thank You.


Have checked battery and it has three cap on it.

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    Something in the charging system is bad. Either a rectifier is letting AC pass thru or the regulator is letting the voltage go to high. Either way you can check it with a DVM and make sure you are getting under 300mv of AC and then switch to DC and make sure at 2500 rpm that the voltage is not going over 10V. Hope this helps.

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    are you sure its a six volt system? perhaps someone changed the generator and put a 12 v on by mistake.also check your ground connections,but put a voltmeter onit and read it when you rev the engine up..

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    Look at battery top, if it has 6 indentions that look like caps its 12v. if it has 3 its 6v. i'll bet you have a 12v. most were

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    sounds like a case of bad luck.

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