To all who believe in Satanism. I already know the meaning but..?

Satanism can refer to a number of belief systems depending on the user and contexts. Common misuse of the word generally refers to "the worship of Satan or the practice of ritual magic." But i want to understand the mind of the person who practcies Santanism. What is it that actully drives you to this religion? And if satan is not the worshiped one, then who is the one you worship. i want a clear good understanding of Satanism and why you do not have any belief in the church.

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    Essentially Satanism is the worship of the self. Anton LaVey coined the term "Satanism" simply to draw a line in the sand, so to speak, between what he was writing about, and the beliefs of christians. He was promoting something that wasn't quite Atheism, because he did believe something, but it also wasn't Agnostism, because that is simply backing away from any belief.

    Basically he had read a great deal about Humanism which places the individual above that of the society and places responsibiltiy on the individual for their needs and for the consequences of their actions, rather then a Deity. But LaVey wanted to take it a step further. He was a bit more proactive then the Humanists, and Humanism was also a Lighter version of Satanism. While Humanism does promote putting the self first, it is more passive about it. Satanism is much more aggressive. A Satanist believes that you need to go after what you want and looks down on laziness.

    Satanists have a sense of honor, but it is all based on self needs. So it comes across as selfishness, although they would never use you or expect you to do things for them. They do for themselves, and expect you to do the same for yourself.

    They also truly worship themselves. In a dark sort of way, this is their way to good self esteem. By "worshipping" themselves, they are learning to love themselves. Whereas a Humanist (who is more gentle and passive) might meditate to relax, a Satanist would indulge in things they enjoy. Be it drinking, food, sex, whatever. So long as their indulgences never infringe on anothers rights. All religions have at least one Creed or Motto and Satanism is no exception. Their main Creed is "Your rights end where another's rights begin". So they do whatever they want, but will stop short of infringing on someone else's rights.

    The main reason for the word Satan, is that there really is no other word to be used to indicate yourself. How do you say I am a Me-ist? And to LaVey, Satan represented self indulgence, free thinking, control over your own life, and many of the things that Satanists believe. THAT is why they call themselves Satanists. Simply because the things that supposedly the figure of Satan represents (as mentioned before) are the things that Satanists pursue. It just so happens to be one of those religions that is so wrapped up in stereotypes that many do not understand it.

    I am not a Satanist, but I was one for a year or two. I learned a great deal from the experience and respect anyones choice of what path to follow. I only look down on those who insult something without knowing anything about it. which is something that I picked up from my time as a Satanist. ;o)

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    Satanists of the LaVeyan kind don't believe in neither the usual concept of gods or devils. We worship nothing more or less than life itself as it is present ni ourselves and in the nature. Definitions of gods/satan varies from person to person. Satan is simply the symbol of living to the fullest, the carnal side of man, the animal that we are.

    God can be called as the inner force, sort of.

    I can't say, as cannot any other LaVeyan Satanist, that I represent all of "us" when I speak for we all are individuals and have different values. Satanism is a religion of individuality.

    Actually, it's barely a religions but more like a life philosophy. One cannot become a Satanist, one either is or isn't.


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    There are groups of Satanists who believe basically that Christianity is a Lie and the Satanism is the true religion, that is the basis for some of the beliefs.

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    Satanism can refer to a number of belief systems depending on the user and contexts. Common misuse of the word generally refers to "the worship of Satan or the practice of ritual magic."[1] However, by the actual adherents, the suffix -ism is often used suggesting the definition as an act or practice (e.g. the word heroism), as opposed to the oft-assumed definition as the doctrine or philosophy behind an act or practice. [2]

    Generally, the word "Satanism" is used to describe several distinct spiritual practices and beliefs: the two most significant seem to be LaVeyan Satanism, and Theistic Satanism. Ideas about Satanism range from essentially these two sources. [3]

    LaVeyan Satanism is a form wherein the Satanist plays the role of the adversary to spiritual creeds, espousing vehement social Darwinism, hedonism, objectivism, and atheism. The term LaVeyan Satanist, is used by adherents to clarify that they support the ideologies in the writings of Church of Satan founder Anton Szandor LaVey.[4] Careful use of the word, according to one website, refers to a "small religious group that is unrelated to any other faith, and whose members feel free to satisfy their urges responsibly, exhibit kindness to their friends, and attack their enemies."[5]

    Theistic Satanism contains a very broad scope of religious groups from Pagans celebrating Pan to Yezidis worshipping Melek Taus, Shaytan.[6] Even Thelema can be considered Theistic Satanism for Aleister Crowley’s Liber SAMEKH contains this phrase “Thou Satan-Sun Hadith that goest without will“ Hadith being one of the three Egyptian Gods in his “Book of the Law“.[7] There are many modern groups of Theistic Satanists but most consider themselves to be Satanists and see no need for the use of the word Theistic. One more group that falls under the definition of Theistic Satanism would be, "Reverse Christians", being that they practice what Christians claim Satanists do and worship what they consider to be the enemy of Christ and God.

    Recently developed however, is an offshoot of Satanism that keeps most of the tenants of Satanism, yet has more leanancy to what is commonly referred to as a 'good' morality. These 'Christian Satanists' reject the ideas of magic and rituals, and define themselves as being in the middle of LaVeyan Satanism and Christian teachings. This stance has led to their rejection from the Church of Satan.[8]

    *****Also something else that has become increasingly popular over the years is Maxine Dietrich's Joy of Satan

    group. A group of people who basically believe Christianity,

    Judaism and Islam are the Great Lie and Satan is the true god and Creator of Humanity.

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    I'm not a Satanist, but I can answer your question.

    LaVeyan Satanism is an atheistic religion... some prefer to call it a philosophy. There is no being that is worshipped.

    If you want to learn more about it, visit their website. There's tons of information on the beliefs and practices there.

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    - What is Satanism, and what are its main beliefs? The delight in the archtype of Satan as the rebel and accusar. - What are the roles of Satan, God, and Jesus, and how are they related (if at all)? They are seen as mythological characters created by man on par with Zues or Shiva etc. - What is an angel, a saint, and a soul? How do humans fit in? No angels. No saints. Souls are up to you depending on your metaphysical bent. Humans are seen as herd animals. - What are your goals in human life? Do you have any control over your "destiny"? My goals are to live and be happy and healthy. I have complete control over my life and destiny. - What happens after death? What is the difference between hell and heaven? To some, life is over. To those that also subscribe to the ToV, we have other theories we explore through research and personal experiments. - What is your opinion on the Catholic view of sin? Inventions of the church to get money for indulgences. - What are the main symbols of Satanism? The baphomet, the inverted pentagram, and the brimstone symbol although you can really use or add on any occulty symbols that work for you in your personal magic. - What makes up the Satanist Bible? Is it meant to be taken literally, figuratively, or both? You would have to purchase it to get the entire content. It starts with a more structured approach to explaining the religion and then it moves into the ritual work and finishes up with the Enochian Keys that can be used for ritual work. - Who wrote the Satanist Bible? Anton LaVey. - A brief history of Satanism? Try wikipedia. Coined and started by Anton LaVey in the sixties San Francisco. Others claim to predate it but are just deist devil worshippers or pseudos. - Is there anything else worth knowing? There is much worth knowing. You can hit Barnes and Noble or Borders and check out the book in one of their comfy chairs with a cup of coffee if you are curious. My own boyfriend introduced me to Satanism over twenty years ago and I have always appreciated him for that.

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    As an atheist, I think at least some Satanists perceive the Judaeo-Christian god as an evil tyrant, and believe that Satan rose up against that tyranny. To them, the Bible is propaganda.

    Satan could be perceived as the ultimate rebel, proponent of freedom and independent thought.

    Alternatively, in "The marriage of Heaven and Hell", Blake proposes that Heaven is stagnant order, while Hell is dynamic chaos.

    And, of course, think it over... in the Bible... who kills more people (especially children)... God or the Devil?

    Just because someone is more powerful, does not mean he is a better person.

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    SErious answer, some Satanists just believe that Christianity is the lie and the evil, and not Satanism.

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    You seem to be thinking of LaVeyan Satanism, in which case the worshipped ones would be themselves. LaVeyans believe that Humanity are the only Gods, and as Anton LaVey once said "There is no Heaven above and no Hell to burn in". They are brought to that religion usually by Atheistic Ideals and sometimes an inability to believe in pretty much anything but what can be seen, heard and felt. As for the Church, LaVeyans usually just laugh at any kind of Spiritual Dogma or Spiritual Thought, and sometimes are just plain disgusted with the way the Xian Church looks at life in general. LaVeyans have their own "Church", the Church of Satan, but it's not a Church used for Worship of just about any kind, or even for ritual anymore. Before his death, LaVey dissolved the "Grotto" aspect of the Church of Satan, and turned it primarily into a profitable business pursuit for his successors.

    I also actually have to correct you on one thing, the concept of worshipping Satan is actually NOT misuse of the word, unless of course you're talking specifically and only about LaVeyan Satanism. There are also Theistic Satanists who DO worship Satan as our God/Deity and practice Ritual Magick and Ceremony based on surviving Pagan Practices, such as Demon Summoning, Satanic Spellcraft and Ceremonies for things like Initiation into a Grotto, or things like the "Ceremony of Birth", in which a newly born child is ushered into the Grotto. Many of us are drawn to this Religion because of a need for Duality, not JUST the experience with Light, but also the experience with Darkness to become better aqquainted with both aspects of life (and no, by "Light and Darkness", I don't mean "Good and Evil"). Others feel that Satan is the more respectable of the two, Satan Lucifer and Yaweh Jehovah, because the teachings of Satan dictate that sexuality is not wrong or disgusting, but rather natural and beautiful, and that we need not fear eternal punishment for our so called "Sins". That's a big one. Tell me, who would you rather worship? a being that tells you "Act, believe and live as I tell you, or you'll burn for all eternity!" or one whose teachings can be better summed up with "If you make a mistake, learn from it and continue enjoying life, and though there is wisdom in my teachings, what feels right to you should ultimately be your guide". I know my answer, what's yours?

    Nichole's earlier statement that we practice what Xians say we do because we consider ourselves the enemy of God isn't entirely accurate. Yes, worshipping Satan would make one the enemy of God, and does in most respects, but that's far from all there is to our belief system. Also, Maxine Dietrich was far from the first person to believe that Father Satan created Humanity. I got my start with the JoS, but they weren't the first to say that Satan created us. That was actually a Traditional Satanist idea, even in the Pagan Days.

    A better definition of "Misuse of the Term of Satanism" would be "Ritual slaughter, mutilation and blood sacrifice in the name of Satan". It's a common misconception, but that's actually a lot closer to "Devil Worship" than Legitimate Satanism, and yes, there is a rather large difference. Father Satan is NOT the Xian "Devil", but rather a Pre-Xian Entity, and does not encourage Mankind to kill in His name or even harm anyone we don't have to for our own survival or wellbeing, and certainly not for Ritual Purposes. Devil Worship involves the Xian Interpretation of Satan, not the Pagan Interpretation. Those are mostly just angry Xians who want nothing more than to p!ss off God because they blame him for their lack of success in Xianity. They wear our symbols and call themselves Satanist, but that doesn't make them one in the same with us.

    When it comes to LaVeyan and Traditional Satanism, there ARE some similarities. First, we both use Rituals as a way of changing that which cannot be changed in life otherwise, even if our beliefs on the source of that Magick differs between Denominations. Second of all, many people from both sides believe in Humanity as "Gods of the Earth". Also, we both have a Concept of Satan, even if that concept differs in nature and purpose.

    However, I also have to correct that "willowrhiamon" person who posted here earlier: LaVey actually did NOT coin the term "Satanism", it was around LONG before he was ever even born, and still exists in forms other than the one he created though he is dead and buried.

    Anyways, I hope you've found all this informative. That is, after all, part of my job.

    *Best Wishes and Satanic Blessings*


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    I'm not a Satanist, but this might help?:

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