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Is there a lot of racism in Glasgow towards black people?

My partner is thinking of moving there but I am worried about racism and simply want an easy life. i have met quite a few black people who have lived in part sof Scotland and encountered a few problems . I presently live in the South and no one bothers me here so I was kind of hoping for the same.


Before anyone says that I am saying Glasgow is racist.. I am asking if there is a lot of racism there.

Please do not answer by saying there is racism everywhere. I know that. But were I live no one is racist to me.

Update 2:

I just don't want any hassle really. I encountered quite a lot of racism when I moved to Liverpool 13 years ago [people screaming n**** to me and my young son as they drove past, etc ]which is why I moved back down South. I just don't want a repetition of events.

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    As a white person I'm maybe not the best person to respond, but I do work in the equalities field and have lived in Glasgow for a number of years.

    My impression is that racism is less socially acceptable in Scotland than elsewhere. The Scottish Government has a proactive anti-racism campaign that's been ongoing for years now and which seems to be effective. The BNP have tried and failed to get a foothold in Glasgow, despite aggressively campaigning here and that's a good sign.

    The city is more cosmopolitan than ten years ago following the dispersal of thousands of asylum seekers to the city. A lot of investment has gone into fostering positive community relations and the incident of racist incidents has not risen significantly.

    Glasgow is certainly the most cosmopolitan city in Scotland now, and has the highest proportion of BME communities. I'd say it's worth giving the city a shot because it's a great place to live!

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    I disagree with all the comments about Christchurch I have been living here my whole life (18yrs) and you may think that that isn't very long..but I'm fairly observant and have a wide range of friends. Christchurch is not a bad place at all in fact I have witnessed more racism in Auckland which I have been to for around 2 weeeks at a ime 3 or 4 times a year! But the racism is far more generated towards asians. I love all of New Zealad, and don't think people should be talking so much rubish about christchurch, its a wonderful city.

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    Black People In Scotland

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    It depends where in Glasgow you live, there is area for Muslims and black people but white people wouldn't want to stay there. I would say it is more racist against the white people - go to Glasgow sheriff court and check the daily listing and you will see there is more Muslim names than others and also lots of white people being charged with racially aggravated assaults. We re friendly people but there is a lot or racial violence, there is 170 gangs in Glasgow the same amount as in London but we are 1/6th of the size of London, nowhere is safe to go out at night, also check the security industry website for the new SIA licences and it will give you the names of people who have had there licenses revoked or suspended and most of them have Muslim names, this is mainly door persons for pubs. The people in the east end of Glasgow have the shortest living age group -64. Council housing can be bad in certain areas and most areas have long waiting lists, where I stay in a new town 10 miles from Glasgow we have very few council houses and you wait 12 years + for accommodation.

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    Glasgow is very cosmopolitan these days. I think you will find most people there to be very friendly. There is a small (okay rather large) problem with certain people called "neds" who stand around on street corners drinking and smoking all day and night - but they don't really discriminate who they insult - they just dislike everybody the same basically. So most sensible people just ignore them completely. Apart from that, I think you'll really enjoy living in Glasgow. If not - you can always feel better knowing that Edinburgh is just a short train ride away. lol :-)

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    Glasgow is a very cosmoplitan City with people from all walks of life living here. We are very tolerant people (have to be living here I suppose!) Every nationality under the sun lives and works in Glasgow - every colour, sexuality etc. It doesn't matter - if you are a nice person then people will be nice back to you. Simple. Hope you and your partner come to Glasgow and enjoy it as much as I do! Good luck.

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    I huv lived in Cumbernauld, which is on the outskirts of Glasgow, for over forty years. The only problems I have encountered racially are folk who don't like Muslims, following the carry on with 9/11 and the London stuff!! We urr a pretty diverse group o' folk and I'm sure yer partner wid fit in jist fine!! Guid luck...

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    IGNORE Basement Bob - he has no knowledge whatsoever about Glasgow and is totally biased towards Edinburgh (see his profile for proof)

    Glaswegians are amongst the most hospitable and friendly people in the world provided you treat them as equals. There are no "airs and graces" with Glasgow folk. Racism is NOT a problem in Glasgow; what we suffer from badly is bigotry, meaningless bigotry.

    (Of course, Edinburgh locals claim that their city is bigot-free; but just try walking along Easter Road wearing a Hearts football strip!) (Easter Road being close to Leith, where, surprise, surprise, Basement Bob hails from!!)

    Come to Glasgow - we will pleased to have you in our community.

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