Is there a lot of racism in Glasgow towards black people?

My partner is thinking of moving there but I am worried about racism and simply want an easy life. i have met quite a few black people who have lived in part sof Scotland and encountered a few problems . I presently live in the South and no one bothers me here so I was kind of hoping for the same.
Update: Before anyone says that I am saying Glasgow is racist.. I am asking if there is a lot of racism there.
Please do not answer by saying there is racism everywhere. I know that. But were I live no one is racist to me.
Update 2: I just don't want any hassle really. I encountered quite a lot of racism when I moved to Liverpool 13 years ago [people screaming n**** to me and my young son as they drove past, etc ]which is why I moved back down South. I just don't want a repetition of events.
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