job interview IM REALLY NERVOUS! help please?

okay im 17 years old and i applied for a job at a medical group for a position as a receptionist. im really nervous because this is my first real job and i've never had an interview before. what kind of questions are they going to me asking me? what kind of answers are they looking for?

help me! thanks guys=)

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    Hi :>

    They will ask you about

    -your past jobs,

    -some knowledge in computers (most in word, excel, powerpoint and Outlock)

    -about your studies..

    -your life..

    -where you live...


    don't be so nervous or If you are, try to don't show it.. and speak fluently don't stutter..

    Show security, also prove them that you really want the job, tell that you will do a great work... also.. tell them about your goals in the company and out of the company.

    P.S. There's a lot of people that want to work. Prove them that you are the one.

    Do your best now and always!

    Good luck!

    A good advice, go and search about interview jobs.. and read, read and read... so you'll come more prepaired.

    Mr. Ramos

    From Vancouver, BC

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    Ok, first you need to know WHY you want the job!! What would make you a good employee . . . for my first real job my boss (who was the president of a college and was trying to intimidate me) asked why he should hire me, since I was so much younger than others with the same qualifications. Try to think of answers that make your young age a good thing!

    They might ask you what are your best qualities and your worst qualities. What are 3 words that best describe you.

    Also do some research about the company! My college actually asked some people when the college was founded, who was the first president . . .stuff like that! If it is on their web page . . . you should at least be familiar with it!

    Also, look everyone in the eye and have a firm handshake. Be confident, but not cocky!

  • Cheryl
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    4 years ago

    Be strong. I was nervous when I had my first interview. You have to be strong and confident. That's half the battle in an interview. Politely greet the person interviewing you, and wear formal clothes. Show up a bit early, but not too early that you linger in the waiting room. Keep calm and show a smile. Give and explain your resume but keep it simple. Explain who you are and act friendly. If you are asked any questions, just answer them. Don't act rude or anything. Also, practice what you are going to say, and get a good nights sleep.

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    well, honestly says, you dont really have to be nervious, it is just an entry level job. You can really find it at lots of place if they don't hire you, so no reasons to be nervious. My first real job was a clinic receptionist, it wasn't a good experience anyway, be prepared that probably won't be something you like to do or fit in. Lot of my coworkers at that time, can't stand with the high stress and low pay. But anyway, depends where and who you work for.

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    They are looking for honest answers. first impressions are lasting ones, dress your best and look and act like a receptionist should, at seventeen, i am sure you have experienced good ones and lousy ones. In this day and age, looking like and acting like what the job description is is most important followed by getting there on time, at least 15 min before the interview. Good luck!

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    Go to www. or www. They have some really good arctles on this. They will guide you through the most common interview questions. Also dress business casual for the type of interview you are going to& most of all,stay calm & be respectful to the interviewer,wait till you are sure he is done with the question,before you answer. And don't be afraid to ask questions at the end,when they ask you if you have any questions. If you have any before that point,be sure to ask them . Do some research of the company & ask a few questions about it. If they ask why you want to work there,after doing the research,you will be prepared for the question with good answers, Good Luck!

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    actually the interviewer will asking about your personnel detail. so you answer honestly the question.sometimes they will asking about your experience.if don't have experience never mind.sometimes people have lots of experience about the job but it's cannot guarantee to get the job because of their age or lower attitude. So you have good attitude and show you charisma. you must know lots information about medical. maybe it can help you during interview season

    I hope you will success in you first interview.Don't forget be honest


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    they'll be concerned about your character if your a social person, if your proactive, if you have work experience, how you deal with rude people, just take the risk it'll be a learning experience and just think positive that you'll get the job because you're the right person for the job.

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    If you are going to be a receptionist, then they are going to look at your personality. Receptionists need to be nice people.

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