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which movie story sounds better?

Here are the 3 options

1. The Will is worshipped by everyone in the village as his grandfather was a freedom fighter who was gone missing during the fight for independence. Many corrupt officers' bodies are found dead and the police suspect Will. However a mysterious man who calls him "The hero" says he did the crime.He looks like an older version of Will himself. In the end it is revealed that the man is actually the hero's grandfather and the rest of the movie is about how they both team up to take down their primate rival Jack.

Story 2: The hero falls in love with a girl and lies to her saying that she is a FBI agent so he can learn more about her they both end up loving her. Vizag is ruled by 2 gangsters whose names are Asish and Ajay. Ajay harasses the heroine and the hero beats up Ajay. Later Ajay and Asish both beat the hero up and kidnap the heroine. The hero then after recovering kills th bad guy however in the end it is revealed that the heroine was dead all alone and that


that that day the 2 bad guys raped the heroine and killed her and the hero was suffering schitzophrenia and that he was just imagining her being there though she was dead.

3. The hero works as a top notch detective and the hero's brother strives to be a doctor. The hero tells the hero's brothers on the phone how he is about to diw and how the hero should go about catching the criminals. The rest of the movie is about the mystery on how the hero died and how the hero's brother traces down the criminals

Update 2:

3. The hero is a detective and the hero's brother works as a doctor. The hero knows that he is a big risk of dying this certain day so he passes down all the information he has to his brother so he can execute. 3 months later

The hero then goes to Vizag where overnight he becomes the most feared don in the country by killing satya, the reigning mafia leade, brother. Thus cops take special interest in making sure he is arrested, yet the cops suspect him to be mentally ill due to his bizarre symtpoms which envokes a FBI trail in which the FBI gather alls his friends, wife and together. They find out later how the hero became mentally ill due to Jihar. The rest of the movie who Jihar is and how the cops trace him down.

6 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
    Favourite answer


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i like the first story more... did u write it? if u did then u're certainly not make it that revealing right? i mean u're gonna do all u can to hide the evidence and only give small clues abt what might happen in the end. make sure it gets shocking. try to make ppl expect smth else.

    ohh i didnt read the second part u wrote! i mean the additional details... well i'd prefer the schitzofrenia thing cuz it's really cool! i like those movies a lot. they're so confusing cuz it's almost like the person watching the movie is schitzophrenic cuz he's seeing the same things as the character

    i dont really like story 3... cuz i hate when the hero in the movie dies.. it's so depressing and boring...

  • 1 decade ago

    story 2

  • 5 years ago

    that's cliched this jogs my memory of a few crappy B video clips i'm able to enable you recognize dazzling now your tale grew to grow to be formally crap once you upload that ghost what you will possibly desire to do is replace your tale into psychological/action %. action picture i'm able to be certain this action picture becoming a conflict royale the place youngsters are killing one yet another to stay to tell the story I watched the action picture and that's stable and the suspense is how are they gonna get killed they are afraid for his or her existence because of the fact they are able to get killed each time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    umh well. i don't really know. The second one i like becuz of the love part, and hmm. I don't know its kind of confusin. Sorry i didn't help! Good luck! Oh and the 3rd one i like becuz of the mystery stuff and threats and ya

  • 1 decade ago

    idont know but i guess story 1, cuz i like us history

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